Month: January 2014

Sleep Well, Protect Your Heart

February is American Heart Month, when more-than-usual attention is drawn to the brevity and prevalence of cardiovascular issues, and the lifestyle choices that affect your risks for heart disease. The many issues that influence your heart health include your diet and level of exercise, but also your quality of sleep, which might be drastically affected… Read more »

The Inverse Relationship Between Snoring & Sleep

In mathematics, an inverse relationship describes a situation where one variable increase as the other decreases. Snoring and sleep share a similar relationship; the more you snore, the less likely you and your partner will sleep soundly through the night. The sound can keep your partner awake, and snoring may indicate a disorder that deprives… Read more »

Why Dental Implants Could Be Your Smile’s Best Friend

Your teeth rely on each other in a number of ways, and when you lose one, replacing it should be your top priority. Much of modern dentistry revolves around how your teeth relate the rest of your oral/maxillofacial structures, and devising optimal ways to replace the permanent teeth you’ve lost. With the advent of dental… Read more »

Want Stronger Teeth? Drink Milk

Brushing and flossing your teeth every day helps keep them clean, but strength is also a deciding factor in your teeth’s longevity. Your teeth are continuously subjected to incredible amounts of bite pressure, and are constantly under attack by harmful, infectious oral bacteria. While some foods exacerbate the attacks against your teeth, others are highly… Read more »

For the Jaw That Doesn’t Fit Quite Right

Your bite’s balance can be a tricky thing to gauge. As the most visually dominant part of your smile, teeth are typically noticeable when they’re crooked, and can be detected and treated before the imbalance damages any of your mouth’s components. If your jaw’s joints are damaged or crooked, however, you might not notice by… Read more »

From Whispers to Screams—The Language of Toothaches

Your body speaks to you. Stub your toe on a table leg or bedpost, and your nerves will scream at you to stop walking. Eat too much, or too quickly, and your stomach will warn you to be more careful next time. Likewise, your teeth may have something interesting to tell you from time to… Read more »

Dental Hygiene Essentials

It’s called a medicine cabinet, but you probably keep more than just pills in the small compartment above your bathroom sink. Depending on whose cabinet you look into, you might find hairbrushes and salon products, deodorant, contact lens cases and cleaners, and hopefully, all the tools you need to keep your teeth, gums, and breath… Read more »

FAQs About Modern Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a permanent dental prosthetic that replaces a lost tooth, or a few adjacent lost teeth. As a restorative treatment, a dental bridge can help you regain the ability to bite and chew properly. With a mouth full of teeth, you can also smile confidently again. Deciding if a dental bridge is… Read more »

Time to Come Clean About Root Canal Therapy

Truth be told, the fear of root canal treatment, or RCT, can be a good thing. If you dread hearing that you need one, then you might strive harder to keep your teeth clean and infection-free. Unfortunately, misconceptions about root canal treatment typically have the opposite effect. Rather than motivating patients towards better hygiene, their… Read more »

Signs That Something Isn’t Right

A lot of patients are genuinely surprised when told that their dental health is in serious trouble. You might suspect something’s wrong if your tooth hurts, but perhaps didn’t expect to learn that the tooth is so infected, it may be lost if not treated promptly. Such surprises are unfortunate for a number of reasons,… Read more »