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Frequent Questions About: Electric Toothbrushes!

What’s there to learn about electric toothbrushes that might help you decide one way or the other whether this dental hygiene appliance is right for you? If you’re not exactly sure what to ask us but you are equally unsure whether you should transition from manual to electric (or vice versa), then we think our… Read more »

Flossing: Things You Really Need To Remember

There are things you should remember about flossing your teeth to keep your oral health safe. Of course, there are the usual details: You actually need to do it daily, you shouldn’t rush it, and you shouldn’t push too hard. Beyond the usual stuff you hear, however, there are some things you might be overlooking… Read more »

Your Dental Hygiene Collection: 3 Things To Add

What do you have in your dental hygiene collection? If you answered: Toothpaste, a toothbrush, and dental floss, then your main collection is complete! These are the products you require in order to achieve and maintain a healthy smile. However, when it comes to cultivating not only your essential but also your best collection of… Read more »

Dental Hygiene Tips For Kids’ Sleepovers

Few things can feel more challenging than when your child partakes in a sleepover. You won’t be there, of course, to monitor your child’s dental hygiene routine or sleep time. You know that brushing and flossing is of the utmost importance and you are quite consistent at your own home – but what to do when… Read more »

Quiz: Your Flossing Approach

How do you feel about your dental hygiene? In many cases, we discuss hygiene with patients only to realize they have a very firm grip on brushing – but their certainty about flossing is not so steady. Unfortunately, if you’re doing a great job with twice daily brushing but you’re slacking a bit with the… Read more »

Bad Breath Quiz: What Should I Do?

Are you recently noticing that you’re suffering from bad breath but finding a solution has not been as easy as you had hoped? Perhaps you have long dealt with this problem – also known as halitosis – and have all but given up hope that you will ever have a freshly scented mouth again. Before you… Read more »

Brush Your Best In 2016

When it comes to keeping your smile clean with dental hygiene at home, your main focus includes brushing and flossing. If you have flossing down pat, it’s important to make sure your brushing habits are their best as well. First, remember that we are always delighted to demonstrate and explain best practices if you are… Read more »

Holiday Alert: Elf Sighting

As our team prepared for a day of treating the smiles of our wonderful patients, we noticed a new visitor who had recently made a very long journey: It was an elf! He was propped up on the shelf! If you are familiar with elves who come in from the North Pole to keep an… Read more »

Improve Your Flossing

Nobody likes to find out that they’re doing something incorrectly – particularly when they’ve been doing that something in earnest, with good intentions and a belief that all is going off without a hitch. When it comes to flossing, you will find that if you’re falling short of the proper technique, your smile may not… Read more »

Excellent, Easy Tips For Better Brushing Habits

There are all types of habits. Good ones, bad ones, in-between ones. When it comes to dental hygiene habits, the best ones are those that help keep your smile in excellent health. We would like to focus for a moment on your brushing habits. In this case, brushing is a good habit and can be… Read more »