Brush Your Best In 2016

toothbrushbluesmileWhen it comes to keeping your smile clean with dental hygiene at home, your main focus includes brushing and flossing. If you have flossing down pat, it’s important to make sure your brushing habits are their best as well. First, remember that we are always delighted to demonstrate and explain best practices if you are unsure about any aspect. In the meantime, we hope you will consider some helpful tips for best brushing in 2016, so you can feel you are doing your best for your oral health at home.

Brush Softer

Think soft and gentle when you are brushing your teeth or gathering items for dental hygiene. For instance, when you purchase a toothbrush, only buy one with soft bristles. When you purchase toothpaste, avoid anything with a gritty or abrasive texture. While you brush, use soft, gentle motions and gentle pressure to avoid damaging your outermost tooth tissue layer, called enamel.

Brush For The Appropriate Amount Of Time

If you brush for much too long, you may irritate your teeth or your gums. If you don’t brush for a sufficient amount of time, you might not have the opportunity to thoroughly remove plaque and debris from your smile. For effective dental hygiene, ensure your brushing routine lasts two minutes at least twice a day.

Clean Every Single Surface

About that goal to make sure you clean the many surfaces of your smile – this includes all accessible tooth tissue (the areas you cannot reach, you may clean with dental floss).