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Dental Bridges: What’s That Word Mean?

You will likely find as you sift through literature regarding dental prosthetics that new words pop up quite commonly. Just when you think you’re starting to understand how a device works, a brand new term or phrase may jump out and cause you to stop what you’re doing to find a definition. If you’re thinking… Read more »

Dental Crowns: A Wealth of Purposes

If you know the basic information about dental crowns, you know that these are hollow prosthetic teeth that we custom craft to protect your natural teeth or to offer additional support. What exactly does that mean? Well, it’s hard to sum it all up with a single sentence because crowns do, in fact, satisfy a… Read more »

What Are The Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Were you surprised when we told you that you need a tooth-colored filling for your cavity – not a metal filling? Perhaps you don’t know much about this type of filling but the name itself makes you think it must be something pretty special. To learn more about the cosmetic advantages (and more) we invite… Read more »

Questions About Dental Bonding

An accidental chip in your tooth can send you into a bit of a tizzy. Your once beautiful, uniform smile may now look tarnished every time you see yourself in the mirror or a photo. Beyond this simple type of cosmetic damage, patients may find themselves dealing with issues like tiny unsightly cracks, isolated stains,… Read more »

Bruxism: Is It Causing You Discomfort?

Do you spend time addressing daily discomfort, such as headaches, tooth sensitivity, or jaw pain? Has anyone ever asked you to stop making noise with your teeth but you weren’t even aware you were doing anything? If any of this sounds familiar, we invite you to learn more about how bruxism treatment may protect your… Read more »

How Much Do You Know About Partial Dentures?

Is your smile not what it used to be thanks to tooth loss? Even if you are only missing a few teeth, the results can become emotionally devastating and quite annoying on a daily basis. Rather than allow yourself to view your smile in a negative light, while attempting to revise your daily eating and… Read more »

Questions About Bridges: We Have Answers

Missing teeth? You are not alone. In fact, we are visited all the time by patients of all ages and varying levels of oral health who require replacement teeth. We urge you to feel comfortable enough to schedule a consultation to discuss the open spaces in your mouth with us. Our comprehensive treatment options will… Read more »

Dental Crown Basics

Are you wondering why we suggested a dental crown to fix your tooth? You will be happy to find out that a crown offers an exceptional list of benefits, including protecting your tooth so it will not need to be removed from your smile. For patients who would like to learn more about this prosthetic… Read more »

What Do You Know About Root Canal Treatment?

To many patients, the need for root canal therapy might be taken as bad news. While it can be unsettling, you can take heart in the fact that your tooth can still be saved. Treating a tooth’s root canal(s) is usually a last resort, prescribed only when a dental filling or crown alone will not… Read more »

Time For Tree Lighting

The colder weather has made its arrival and the holiday season’s fun festivities are afoot. What more exciting way to enjoy this magical time than with our Livonia tree lighting? It’s a cozy event the whole family can enjoy. So put on your coat, mittens, and hat, and get ready for a fun evening under… Read more »