Have Questions About Partials?

maturemanquestionHave you been struggling to choose a tooth replacement solution for your multiple missing teeth? If so, we understand that the decision is a big one to make. First, you want to make sure you feel fully informed about the variety of options at your disposal. Then, of course, when you begin narrowing down your selections, you will likely find your questions about each one become more and more particular. As for patients considering partial dentures, a common area of concern includes support, since partials are removable. Allow us to provide some additional information to clear up your curiosity.

Q&A: Partial Denture Support

Question: How does a partial stay in place?

Answer: A partial is composed of high-grade acrylic to represent gum tissue, artificial teeth to fill open spaces, and metal clasps. The partial receives support in your mouth in part from natural suction – also, the metal clasps will fit securely over your natural teeth.

Question: What if I want additional support for my partial without implants?

Answer: If your partial denture does not feel stable enough, you may use denture adhesive. This sticky substance is formulated to offer improved support to your prosthetic, so it stays in place.

Question: Is there such as thing as an implant-supported partial denture?

Answer: Yes, you may choose an implant-supported denture. We will insert dental implants in strategic locations in your mouth, over which the partial will fit securely.

Question: What if my partial denture used to stay in place but doesn’t anymore?

Answer: Sometimes your partial denture may become damaged or may simply be slightly warped due to wear and tear. This will cause it to fit poorly. We may suggest repairing the partial or providing you with a new partial denture.