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Understanding Functional Issues

In most cases, we find that patients have a lot of knowledge regarding hygiene-related problems. This includes anything that occurs due to insufficient brushing, flossing, and preventive care (like cavity development, gum disease, or infection). What you may not know much about, however, is what to make of functional issues. Do you know what this… Read more »

Common Mistakes: Gum Disease

When you begin learning about the details associated with gum disease, you will quickly find that this preventable issue is quite aggressive and even more complicated than you may have thought. As a result, patients often make common mistakes that either promote the development of this oral problem or that allow the issue to quickly… Read more »

Tips: Holiday Time TMJ Protection

Here comes your favorite time of year! Well, as far as the company and gifts are concerned, anyway. If you also feel extremely concerned as the holidays roll around because your TMJ disorder tends to worsen, we have some tips for you. Fortunately, by considering some simple ways to alleviate tension and irritation, you can treat… Read more »

Quiz Your Periodontal Disease Knowledge

Are you fully informed about periodontal disease? Do you know what it takes to avoid it, how to identify symptoms, and when to schedule a visit with us if something seems slightly off? If you are not quite sure if you’re a gum-disease-knowledge master or if you still have a bit of education to soak… Read more »

Q&A Session: Partial Dentures

Neglecting to replace missing teeth can result in serious side effects, including problems like misalignment and difficulty with keeping your smile clean and healthy. For patients considering partial dentures for a complete smile, we understand that you may have a variety of questions – particularly when trying to compare this prosthetic to other solutions. We… Read more »

Bridge Basics: Nothing To Worry About

No matter the type of decision you are making for your smile, you may find yourself feeing the need to do thorough research. This is always something we applaud because patients who feel informed and educated before they make a final choice tend to feel satisfied and confident about their selections. As for choosing a… Read more »

Crowns: Answering Your Questions

Learning about dental crowns will quickly reveal that these restorations are exceptional multi-taskers. Not only do they provide full coverage to damaged teeth, but they can also act as both restorative and cosmetic treatments. In some cases, a crown can even prevent the need for a dental extraction, saving your tooth from removal. As for… Read more »

Q&A: Tooth-Colored Filling Candidacy

When you learn that we offer tooth-colored fillings to address cavities, you may instantly assume this is a special type of restorative treatment. Indeed, you would be correct that it is special because of its exceptional list of benefits. However, if this seemingly elite option sounds too good to be true – or, perhaps, simply… Read more »

Dental Bonding: Step-By-Step

Do you love the benefits associated with dental bonding? Have you been considering this cosmetic treatment because you’re hoping to improve the overall beauty of your smile? Maybe you’re interested in filling a small space between two of your teeth, covering up a problem like a stain, or even lengthening a tooth that looks shorter… Read more »

Have Questions About Partials?

Have you been struggling to choose a tooth replacement solution for your multiple missing teeth? If so, we understand that the decision is a big one to make. First, you want to make sure you feel fully informed about the variety of options at your disposal. Then, of course, when you begin narrowing down your… Read more »