Category: Preventive Dentistry

Party Planning With Prevention

Are you planning a holiday party this year but you are starting to feel stressed? Do you feel that every direction you turn and every decision you make is in some way damaging to your oral health and to that of your party guests? No worries, we have some helpful preventive care tips on hand that… Read more »

Ask Questions During Checkups

Do you know exactly what’s happening during each step of your dental checkup? Are you curious about other aspects of this preventive care visit, such as how often you should come back to see us? Perhaps other inquiries are floating around in your mind regarding your preventive dental care. You will be happy to learn… Read more »

Quiz: Dental Cleanings

How much do you know about your dental cleanings and why you schedule them? Do you keep up with them consistently or do you tend to schedule your preventive care visits when you suddenly remember it’s been quite a while since you’re last trip to see us? Perhaps you’re not even quite certain how often… Read more »

Preventive Dentistry: Your Guide

The very basis of preventive dentistry is exactly what it sounds like – preventing problems from occurring. The great news about prevention is that it is effective and quite easy to accomplish as long as you are familiar with your options. First, keep in mind that an essential factor is your home care. As long… Read more »

Prevention: More Than Clean Teeth

When you think of the benefits of preventive dentistry, you (like many other patients) may immediately think of what it takes to keep your smile clean. While cleanings and exams are certainly an essential aspect of protecting your oral health, prevention does not stop there. In fact, we focus on many factors to ensure your… Read more »

Ask Dr. Stewart About TMD

Dr. James Stewart is a general and cosmetic dentist from Livonia, MI. Today, Dr. Stewart answers a question about a surprisingly-widespread-but-rarely-discussed issue: TMJ Disorder. Dear Dr. Stewart: I’ve noticed lately that my jaw either makes this popping or crackling sound. Is this something serious? Do I see a dentist or my doctor?

TMJ Disorder 101

You may be able to think back to the earliest dental appointments you have ever experienced and remember a question on your paperwork similar to the following: “Do you experience TMJ problems?” the question might have asked, accompanied by two boxes next to it, where you could either check “Yes” or “No.” Is this something… Read more »

Excellent, Easy Tips For Better Brushing Habits

There are all types of habits. Good ones, bad ones, in-between ones. When it comes to dental hygiene habits, the best ones are those that help keep your smile in excellent health. We would like to focus for a moment on your brushing habits. In this case, brushing is a good habit and can be… Read more »

4 Common Questions About Dental Cleanings

If you’ve ever had a professional cleaning then you are probably at least somewhat clear about what happens during this preventive treatment. We remove plaque from your teeth and beneath your gumline and then we polish your smile, so it looks and feels refreshed. However, you may have some questions about dental cleanings that aren’t… Read more »

Preventing Gum Disease: 3 Simple Steps

Have you ever felt like you know a lot about keeping your teeth clean and healthy but maintaining gum health is a bit of a mystery? It’s certainly not an uncommon feeling, which is why we are presenting you with three simple steps that will help you avoid gum disease. The good news is that… Read more »