Quiz: Protecting Kids’ Smiles

kidsplayingHow anxious do you become when planning out or keeping up with preventive care for your kids’ smiles? Are you worried that you are dropping the ball on a particular area of dental care? Maybe you think you’re missing an essential detail that might lead to problems like tooth decay. First, we suggest that you take a deep breath and remember that keeping your child’s smile healthy is actually pretty simply as long as you feel educated. Let’s see just how informed you have become (or teach you a new detail or two) with a helpful quiz.

Quiz: Children’s Smile Care

True or False: It doesn’t matter what times of the day your children brush their teeth. As long as they brush them twice daily, you’re practicing good preventive care at home.

True or False: Early prevention is not very important. Just make sure you start coming in for children’s dentistry visits once your little one’s permanent teeth erupt.

True or False: It’s not easy to make preventive care at home fun, so we suggest simply telling your children that it’s a fact of life.

Quiz Answers

False. It’s important first that you ensure your children brush in the morning and then again before bedtime. The best thing you can do with preventive care for kids is to keep things as consistent as possible, including brushing times.

False. Baby teeth actually serve as an important guide for the permanent teeth below. Keeping them healthy as early as possible with prevention is, as a result, significant.

False. You can make brushing and flossing fun, so everyone enjoys dental hygiene! Consider letting everyone pick out special toothbrushes. And, for a fun session, turn on some music!