Category: Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Care: We Cover All The Bases!

When it’s time for you to receive the professional part of your preventive care, our team hopes you will remember that you can receive everything you need from us! This can be a huge relief for patients who worry that, though they’re sure they can expect the basics, they aren’t sure what will happen if… Read more »

Athletic Mouthguards: 4 Very Important Considerations

If you have ever watched professional sports on television for even a moment, you know that professional athletes wear mouthguards. You have likely seen this on the court or the field as you watch local, amateur sports, too. However, it may never have registered before that this is for good reason! Though it seems like… Read more »

Prevent And Treat Gum Disease Right Now

Gum disease is serious business! While you know this, you may not know what to do about keeping it from happening or about treating it when early signs develop. While it can seem like a complex topic at first, when you learn from our Livonia, MI team that it’s actually easy to keep your gum… Read more »

When Teeth Feel Sensitive Over The Holidays

What should you do if your smile feels sensitive over the holidays? Well, if it feels sensitive right this minute and you’re worried about it, then you should probably pick up the phone to contact our Livonia, MI team! However, what if your tooth sensitivity happens to crop up once the excitement, travel, parties, and… Read more »

Your Smile: 3 Things Your Future Self With Thank You For

Usually, when you’re taking care of your smile, you’re focused on the here and now. How clean are you getting your teeth? What are you doing today that will ensure you’re not currently developing decay or promoting other sorts of problems? For some, this is wonderful motivation. However, for others, since all may look A-OK… Read more »

For Your Healthy Smile: Fluoride, Flossing, And Frequency!

There are so many ways to look at your smile and your oral health, as you do your best to keep it in excellent condition. Of course, the main approach is simply to remember that you should practice home and professional preventive care, so you don’t end up with any type of concern, whether it’s… Read more »

The “Should” Questions We Are Happy To Answer

There are so many “should” questions that can pop into your head on any given day. While they may apply to just about anything, since you’re practicing dental hygiene on a daily basis, it’s quite likely that you have some should-I questions show up regarding your oral health quite regularly. The interesting thing about these… Read more »

Smile Protection: It’s Often Easier Than You Think

When you think about the things you want to do for your smile, one of the primary goals likely includes protecting your grin! You want to make sure that your teeth stay healthy and that your gums remain healthy, as well. Add into the mix the fact that you’d really like keeping up with a… Read more »

Attention All Vegans: Getting Enough Calcium For Strong Teeth

You may ask yourself what to do when you know that you need calcium to build strong bones and strong teeth but you’re a vegan. The usual suggestions you hear about frequently include some form of dairy that is not part of your lifestyle. Of course, you can always rely in part on supplements but… Read more »

Dental Checkup: Reasons Today Is A Lovely Day To Set One Up!

Today is an absolutely lovely day to set up a dental checkup with our Livonia, MI practice! If you hadn’t considered this when you got out of bed this morning, we think you might want to consider this as a goal to put on your list for the day. “But why schedule a visit today?”… Read more »