2 Preventive Visit Details You’re Overlooking

preventionbulletinWhen you sit down to schedule your preventive care visits, is there something that causes you to change your mind? Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to keeping up with your prevention with us, even though you are consistently performing excellent dental hygiene habits at home? In some instances, there are certain aspects of the care we provide that patients tend to overlook. Allow us to offer a bit of illumination with a couple reminders, so you feel reinvigorated when preparing to set up a cleaning and exam.

#1: We Offer Comfortable Care For Everyone

Are you feeling overwhelmed because not only do you need a preventive care visit for yourself – but also for your father and your toddler? Great news: We are ready to take your call and set up appointments for your entire family. In addition to offering compassionate care for you, we also provide children’s dentistry as well as senior care. We will ensure you can schedule visits that work for you – we also offer oral sedation as part of senior care to promote relaxing experiences.

#2: We Can Help With More Than Tooth Decay

Are you feeling stressed because you think you may have a cavity – but you are also struggling with headaches and a sore jaw? Don’t wait for your sore jaw to go away before your visit! It’s something we can help you with. Remember that your preventive care visit is thorough, which means we are not only seeking out signs of tooth decay but we also aim to protect you from issues like bad breath as well as functional problems like TMJ disorder.