Blood Pressure And Dental Care?

womanquestionexclamationAre you someone struggling with high blood pressure? Do you know what is causing this particular concern? Have you done anything about it? First things first, it is extremely important to address hypertension because it increases your chance of experiencing more severe health problems like stroke or problems with your heart. When it comes to discovering the underlying factor, you may be surprised that dental care can often help. While it is always a good idea to see your general practitioner as well, let’s explore the dental side of this issue.

Dental Concerns And Blood Pressure

Your smile itself is not causing your high blood pressure but this issue may certainly be linked to your oral health. First of all, if you are suffering from problems associated with stress and anxiety (think bruxism or TMJ disorder), this may be a sign that you are also experiencing hypertension as stress is a common contributing factor. Next, it’s important for you to visit us for a sleep apnea diagnosis. In addition to elevated blood pressure do you feel fatigued every day? This sleep disorder is often a direct cause of hypertension. Treat the disorder and you can often watch your blood pressure return to a healthy level.

Why Now?

The moment you discover you are dealing with high blood pressure is the moment to act. It can result in serious long-term health side effects and even death. We also happen to be approaching National High Blood Pressure Education Month for the month of May, so why not take this opportunity to take care of yourself? Schedule a visit with us if you have concerns.