Questions About Tooth Infections

Q&AbulletinWhen you think about an infected tooth, do you assume that the infection will be able to clear all on its own? Do you assume you would know if you were suffering from one immediately because it would probably be quite uncomfortable? How about restorative treatment to address the problem – are you familiar with root canal treatment and how it can address a tooth infection? If you’re not quite certain about the details but you’re quite aware that infections are serious business, we invite you to ask your questions! While an in-office discussion is always preferable, we are happy to begin by offering common questions and answers that will get you started.

Q&A: Tooth Infection

Question: What is a tooth infection? Does my dental tissue become infected somehow?

Answer: No, it isn’t your dental tissue that becomes infected. It is the dental pulp – or soft tissue – that lives within your tooth and tooth’s roots. This tissue houses blood vessels and nerves. Once infected, it will not heal. Infection typically occurs when bacteria find an entry point into your tooth.

Question: How can I diagnose myself with a tooth infection? Do I need to know for sure before calling up and scheduling a root canal treatment?

Answer: It’s impossible to fully diagnose yourself. We suggest you contact us immediate if you suspect something is wrong, so we can take digital X-rays, which will allow us to detect infection. However, common symptoms may point to infection, including: Pain, discomfort that has gone on for more than a day or two, foul breath and a bad taste in your mouth, and/or a sore has been coming and going next to the tooth in question.

Question: How does root canal treatment save my tooth?

Answer: A root canal treatment allows us to access the interior portion of your tooth and remove the infected dental pulp. Rather than remove the tooth, we can then restore its structure so it may remain in place.