Q&A: Full Mouth Reconstruction

womanworriedWe see patients dealing with all manner of dental issues. When it comes to significant problems with your oral health, we would like you to know we are ready to help you. Your best option is to schedule a visit with us, so we can examine your smile and craft a personalized full mouth reconstruction care plan to address your needs. We will provide comprehensive improvement, so you may look forward to a beautiful, healthy grin. Learn a bit more with some quick questions and answers.

Questions And Answers: Full Mouth Reconstruction

Question: Does a full mouth reconstruction only include restorative dentistry treatments since you are repairing my oral health?

Answer: While reconstructing your mouth includes the use of restorative dentistry to repair and improve your oral health, we call this a “full mouth” treatment because we take all aspects into consideration. We may also incorporate preventive and cosmetic dentistry.

Question: What if I have some issues going on with my oral health like infection? Will you just fix my teeth and address the deeper concerns later?

Answer: No, if we ignore the health of your tissues then the work we complete will become damaged. We will address decay, infection, and dental disorders to ensure your treated smile is on the road to complete recovery.

Question: What if I’m missing some of my teeth? Does full mouth reconstruction address the open spaces in my smile or will you just repair what is still standing in anticipation of future work?

Answer: Again, you may take the term “full mouth” literally. If one of your concerns is tooth loss, we will fill open spaces with beautiful prosthetics, such as implants, dentures, or bridges.