Preventive Dentistry: Your Guide

beginnerguidesignThe very basis of preventive dentistry is exactly what it sounds like – preventing problems from occurring. The great news about prevention is that it is effective and quite easy to accomplish as long as you are familiar with your options. First, keep in mind that an essential factor is your home care. As long as you are brushing twice daily and flossing once a day, you are fulfilling the dental hygiene necessary for a healthy smile. Then comes the professional preventive care, which performs those aspects of smile maintenance that you cannot address at home. We invite you to learn more about the comprehensive treatments we offer, so you feel secure about your ability to maintain excellent oral health.

Routine Cleanings

We offer routine cleanings as part of your preventive dentistry treatments. This is for patients whose smiles are in good health – we will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth to prevent issues like gum disease and tooth decay.

Deep Cleanings

Suffering from gum disease? We will provide you with a deep cleaning, which will include removing plaque and tartar accumulation from beneath your gumline. We may also apply antibiotics to promote the clearing of existing infection.

Dental Checkups

Allowing us to monitor your oral health consistently, preferably once every six months, is to your advantage. This aspect of preventive dentistry lets us recognize problems in their infancy, so you can receive immediate care, while quickly returning to optimal oral health.

TMJ Disorder Treatment

Are you suffering from jaw joints that feel fatigued or uncomfortable? Perhaps you have daily headaches. If we determine that your TMJs – or your jaw joints – are functioning poorly, we will offer preventive treatment.


Good news – if you suffer from serious problems with bad breath, we offer a preventive dentistry treatment called BreathRx, which addresses the problem. It helps prevent plaque, while killing existing bacteria, both of which contribute to foul smelling breath.