Q&A: Teeth Replacement Options

questionmarkblueLearning more about your teeth replacement options is extremely important. Not only because it’s good to make an educated decision about the way you complete your smile but primarily because replacing missing teeth is essential for a healthy smile. You see, ignoring tooth loss can lead to significant problems like a misaligned smile, dental hygiene problems, tooth decay, and even jaw dysfunction. Fortunately, by replacing your teeth, you can regain your confidence, while preventing complications. Have some questions about your options? Allow us to provide you with the details you seek.

Question and Answer: Replacement Teeth

Question: Can you give me a quick summary of a dental bridge? I often mix up this teeth replacement solution with a partial denture.

Answer: A dental bridge replaces one tooth, two teeth in a row, or three teeth in a row. It is a fixed device that is made up of a series of artificial teeth that we will customize to blend with your remaining teeth.

Question: What’s the difference between partial dentures and full dentures?

Answer: Partial dentures replace multiple missing teeth, not a full arch. They leave space for remaining teeth, relying on suction as well as the use of metal clasps that rest over existing teeth. A full denture is a single device, composed of an acrylic base and a full series of artificial teeth. Relying on suction as it rests over your dental ridge, it will restore a complete arch.

Question: Is a dental implant a full teeth replacement solution? I’ve heard it replaces my entire tooth, from root to crown.

Answer: Dental implants support a full tooth replacement. Here’s how it works: The implant is a titanium post that we place to restore your roots. After recovery, we will top or “restore” the implant post with a dental crown, resulting in a fully replaced tooth.