Q&A Session: Partial Dentures

questionmarksfaceNeglecting to replace missing teeth can result in serious side effects, including problems like misalignment and difficulty with keeping your smile clean and healthy. For patients considering partial dentures for a complete smile, we understand that you may have a variety of questions – particularly when trying to compare this prosthetic to other solutions. We are more than happy to answer FAQs for the time being but suggest you schedule a visit to see us, so we may provide you with further details and a customized care plan.

Questions (And Answers) About Partial Dentures

Question: Will a partial denture harmonize with the teeth that are still standing in my mouth? Or will you need to remove them?

Answer: Unlike a full denture, which is a solid unit that replaces a full set of teeth, a partial includes scalloped areas that work around remaining teeth. We will not need to remove your remaining teeth.

Question: What if I’m interested in dental implants but I don’t want to make the investment for single implants? Do you offer implant-retained partial dentures?

Answer: Yes, we offer implant dentures, either full or partial, depending on your particular needs. Qualifying for this treatment requires a healthy jawbone that can support dental implants and a health status that is satisfactory for oral surgery.

Question: Why choose a partial denture instead of a dental bridge?

Answer: We suggest a partial denture instead of a bridge for two particular reasons. First, if you are looking for a removable prosthetic then you will want a partial – a bridge is fixed. In addition, you will need a partial if you are missing teeth spread apart from one another or more than three teeth. A bridge will only address one tooth or up to three teeth in row.