Tips: Holiday Time TMJ Protection

tipshelpfullightbulbHere comes your favorite time of year! Well, as far as the company and gifts are concerned, anyway. If you also feel extremely concerned as the holidays roll around because your TMJ disorder tends to worsen, we have some tips for you. Fortunately, by considering some simple ways to alleviate tension and irritation, you can treat your TMJs with the tender loving care they need. In addition, we always suggest you schedule a visit with us, so we can provide you with personalized suggestions and therapy to keep your oral health in excellent condition.

Tip #1: Recognize Your Stress Level

Your stress level often worsens TMJ disorder. Anxiety causes you to tense everything up, including the muscles surrounding your jaw joints. This might lead to fingernail biting, teeth clenching, or otherwise. Protect your jaw joints by carefully planning out your holiday shopping and decorating, so you don’t feel rushed. You can also give yourself the gift of a visit to see us, so we may provide you with TMJ disorder relief with comfortable oral appliance therapy (a mouthguard) that you will wear while you sleep.

Tip #2: Relax While You Focus

Do you tend to clench your jaws while you wrap gifts as you “get into the zone?” Do you typically chew on crunchy snacks as you write up gift lists and stuff stockings? If so, do yourself a favor and remember to relax while you’re working. Turn on some holiday music, get cozy by the fireplace – whatever it takes to let your muscles take a break.

Tip #3: Don’t Overwork Those TMJs!

Again, it’s all about allowing your jaw joints to rest. TMJ disorder is as aggravated by stress as it is by the overuse of your jaw joints. Skip anything that will require you to move your jaws excessively, such as indulging in super chewy candy, using your teeth to tear packages or tape, or anything that requires a significant amount of motion or force.