Tooth Decay: 3 Things You Should Know

steps123primaryYou know that when we tell you tooth decay is affecting your oral health, it’s not a good thing. You may also know that you will need a dental filling to address tooth decay. However – how much do you actually know about this oral health problem? It’s possible that like many of our patients, you don’t know much more than that you should schedule a visit to see us. Allow us to explain a bit by providing you with a few essential facts.

#1: It’s A Progressive Oral Disease

Tooth decay is a progressive disease – not just a static form of damage. What this means for your tooth is that you need a dental filling to stop the disease from getting worse. The decay will begin by forming a small hole in your tooth but the hole will continue to grow larger (and deeper) the longer you allow the problem to continue.

#2: Immediate Treatment Is Best

Since tooth decay is a progressive problem, the best way to prevent serious complications from occurring is to schedule your dental filling appointment immediately. Just think about the side effects that can come with an ever-growing cavity. If it becomes deep, it may provide bacteria with easy entrance into your tooth (leading to infection). If it becomes large enough, your tooth may break.

#3: Your Tooth Will Look Beautiful Again

Now that you’ve got the basics down regarding decay and why you need a dental filling ASAP, consider something that’s extremely beneficial: Your tooth will look good again after tooth decay. Fortunately, by placing a tooth-colored filling, we will restore not only the health of your tooth but also the beauty of that tooth and your entire smile.