TMJ Disorder: What If I Have Bruxism, Too?

So, you know that you have TMJ disorder. You know that it’s very important to treat this functional disorder because if you don’t, the long-term strain of your jaw joints may lead to damage. However, you have also recently learned that you’re also suffering from something called bruxism disorder, which you’ve discovered is grinding and clenching you cannot control. What are you supposed to do at this point, you ask our Livonia, MI team? The lovely news is that we can offer you all of the answers you need to keep your oral health safe!

They May Contribute To One Another

If you have TMJ disorder, it can end up contributing to the development of bruxism disorder. And vice versa. The problems may feed off of each other, so we remind you that you shouldn’t feel bad about this detail if it’s impacting your oral health. Instead, realize that by treating one, you are essentially treating both and stopping a bigger problem from continuing. Not sure what’s going on but you know that your smile needs attention? See us!

This Will Cause Dental Damage, As Well

As far as bruxism disorder is concerned all on its own, remember that it can also cause damage. However, instead of putting strain primarily on your jaw joints, it’s also putting stress on your teeth. Over time, if you’re mostly grinding, you will wear your teeth down. If you’re clenching, you’ll probably end up with fractures and broken tissue. Before you become too worried, keep in mind that we can treat the issue!

We Fix Them Both With One Therapy

As mentioned, we are happy to announce that we can address both TMJ disorder and bruxism disorder with just one therapy. The oral appliance (or mouthguard) that you wear to help your jaw joints will also provide you with treatment and protection for bruxism, allowing you to keep your teeth safe.

Learn More By Coming In!

You might want to come in soon if you need to learn more, if you’re not sure if you have TMJ disorder, bruxism disorder, or both, or if you have other questions. All it takes to get caught up in terms of your oral health and to ensure your smile is safe is to schedule a dental checkup with us!

See Us For TMJ And Bruxism Treatment

Remember that we offer oral appliance therapy not only for TMJ disorder but also for bruxism disorder. If you’re unsure about what’s happening with your oral health or what you need, come in soon for a visit! James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Livonia, MI and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.