Remember These Details About TMJ Treatment

There are some things you may not have considered just yet about TMJ treatment with our Livonia, MI team, which may be why you haven’t come in to talk about your jaw joints just yet. Or, the reason you have your oral appliance treatment with you at home but you are not yet very serious about using it as consistently as we suggest (every single day). So, to clear up anything that may be hindering your ability to thoroughly protect this part of your oral health, we’ve got some helpful details for you to store away in your mind, as it motivates you to take much better care of your TMJs!

It Helps Symptoms Go Away

When you deal with TMJ disorder and you’re not doing anything about it, you deal with symptoms. This isn’t just a little bit of discomfort in your jaw joints. Instead, it can include mounting symptoms that can be very uncomfortable and even somewhat distressing. Say goodbye to serious headaches, jaw joint pain, neck pain, and more, when you say yes to TMJ treatment.

It Helps You Stay Away From Damage

Of course, your brushing, flossing, and checkups with us help you avoid damage. In part, this is because we can identify TMJ disorder and suggest TMJ treatment right away, when we notice signs of a problem with your jaw joints. The only way you can stop damage from happening, however, is to agree to treatment and to then follow through on using it every single day. When you’re dedicated to this very easy-to-use care, you can ensure you’re steering your smile away from additional problems, rather than toward them.

It Can Protect Your Smile’s Function

You might not really think too much about the function of your smile the moment you learn that you have TMJ disorder. Instead, you just feel frustrated by symptoms like headaches and jaw discomfort. However, we remind you that over time, when you ignore a problem with your TMJs, you’re allowing the aforementioned damage to occur, which means a problem that worsens over time, which can eventually make it more and more difficult to use your smile. You need it to chew, to speak, and more, so protect it ASAP with treatment!

Choose TMJ Treatment With Us

Come to see us for TMJ treatment, rather than ignoring a problem with your jaw joints. Remember to follow through not only with the care we provide but also with our advice, for best protection. James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Livonia, MI and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.

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