Oral Appliance Therapy: What Does It Treat?

You’ve probably heard of oral appliance therapy before, particularly if you’ve been dealing with something that needs help but that isn’t treatable with restorative care. Did you know that whether you’re having trouble with the way your jaw joints are working, being able to sleep through the night, and more, there is often one simple approach to your oral health that will make things better? As mentioned, it’s with the help of an appliance you may know better as a mouthguard and our Livonia, MI team is happy to remove the mystery, so you can get back to a healthy grin soon.

Functional Disorders

For a quick reminder about how oral appliance therapy fits into your dental care, remember that it’s a type of treatment that addresses functional disorders, rather than hygiene-related disorders. Function, of course, is in reference to the way the different parts of your smile and mouth work together, so you can yawn, sing, talk, chew, laugh, and move and use your smile. When function isn’t up to par, you often require the simple help of a mouthguard for improvement!

Your Sleep Apnea

Now, let’s talk about how oral appliance therapy can help you. First and foremost, remember that we offer comprehensive care for sleep disorders, from snoring to sleep apnea! So, if you experience one or the other or both, remember the following: Your throat is partially (snoring) or fully (sleep apnea) collapsing when you sleep. So, you need the gentle adjustment of your jaw in order to keep tissues from slipping back and from coming together. The answer? A sleep apnea oral appliance! To learn more about how this can help you, come in soon!

Your Bruxism Disorder

Dealing with bruxism disorder? It’s what happens when you grind or clench your teeth (only, in a chronic and completely involuntary way!). An oral appliance stops this motion and provides cushion, helping to stop the muscle movements, while protecting your dental tissue.

Your TMJ Disorder

Then, of course, there’s TMJ disorder! Your jaw joints (TMJs) aren’t functioning as well as they can, usually because of strain, injury, etc. Oral appliance therapy lets them rest, removes the stress placed on them, and gives them room to heal.

Treat Your Functional Concern With An Oral Appliance

Come in for the help you need from us, when you realize you’re dealing with a functional disorder like bruxism disorder, TMJ disorder, or sleep apnea! We look forward to helping you feel much better. James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Livonia, MI and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.