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A Look at Dental Care Through the Centuries

In today’s world of dentistry, our collective dental knowledge of is vast enough to require separate dental specialties to address the numerous aspects of oral health. For instance, endodontists deal specifically with issues concerning the interior of the tooth (i.e., tooth pulp infections, severely damaged teeth, root canal treatments, etc.), while periodontists address concerns of… Read more »

Ask Questions During Checkups

Do you know exactly what’s happening during each step of your dental checkup? Are you curious about other aspects of this preventive care visit, such as how often you should come back to see us? Perhaps other inquiries are floating around in your mind regarding your preventive dental care. You will be happy to learn… Read more »

Quiz: Dental Cleanings

How much do you know about your dental cleanings and why you schedule them? Do you keep up with them consistently or do you tend to schedule your preventive care visits when you suddenly remember it’s been quite a while since you’re last trip to see us? Perhaps you’re not even quite certain how often… Read more »

3 Facts About Implants And Jaw Health

When you begin learning about all of the exciting benefits of dental implants, you may focus heavily on what your new smile will look like and feel like. What you may overlook is the important connection between your jaw health and the implants. By learning more about this topic, you will come to further understand… Read more »

Improve Your Flossing

Nobody likes to find out that they’re doing something incorrectly – particularly when they’ve been doing that something in earnest, with good intentions and a belief that all is going off without a hitch. When it comes to flossing, you will find that if you’re falling short of the proper technique, your smile may not… Read more »

Dental Checkups: Keep These Things In Mind

Your dental checkups protect your smile, acting as a main component of your preventive care. However, you may not think much about your checkups – in some cases, this may be another type of appointment you show up for during your lifetime that becomes completely routine. While our primarily goal is ensuring you visit us… Read more »

What Exactly Is A Dental Cleaning?

You’re probably aware that the foundation of excellent dental care is build upon preventive visits to our practice in addition to consistent home care. However, just because you know we suggest six-month dental cleanings and checkups does not necessarily mean that you know what to expect. For some patients, feeling informed adds a level of… Read more »

Plant Share in Livonia

If you spend time in the garden because it gives you peace of mind, relaxes you, because you simply love plants, or even if you’ve got a brown thumb but you’re an enthusiast anyway, you’re in for a treat. The Livonia Garden Club is hosting a plant share. Grab a plant of your own and… Read more »

Concerns We Look for During Checkups

Did you know that we suggest you visit us once every six months for a dental checkup? You have likely heard us recommend that you schedule your next appointment the moment you get up from our chair and there’s a good reason for that. During your preventive visits, we have the ability to monitor your… Read more »

Maximize Your Preventive Care Routine

In modern dentistry, our main goal is to protect your teeth from disease, and prevent problems before they arise. Practicing excellent preventive care at home is the best way to avoid tooth decay, gum disease, and other common ailments of the mouth. You should occasionally examine your hygiene routine and decide if there are any… Read more »