Chronic Headaches? See Us ASAP.

headachewomanlipstickDo you find that you are taking pain relievers on a surprisingly consistent basis to address your headaches? Are you doing things the way you always have (or have you been enjoying a more healthy lifestyle lately, but your head pain is the one thing that remains)? If so, it is important to realize that problems with your oral health can commonly result in headaches. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with us, so we can diagnose the underlying factor. For now, answer some quick questions to find out which dental-related issue might be affecting your daily comfort.

Are You Fatigued, Too?

Do you find that you’re dealing with daily headaches but that the pain is just one part of an even bigger problem? If you also experience significant fatigue, you feel moody, you feel somewhat depressed, you wake up with a sore throat or dry mouth, or you have been told you are a very loud snorer, you may suffer from sleep apnea. By addressing this oral health problem, we can dramatically improve your overall wellbeing.

Does Your Jaw Hurt?

Do you find that your headaches are accompanied by a sore jaw or discomfort in your neck and shoulders? If so, you may qualify for TMJ disorder treatment. This problem occurs when your jaw joints (TMJs – or, temporomandibular joints) stop functioning up to their full potential. You may suffer from strain and muscle fatigue, which may include pain in your head and surrounding areas. Gentle treatment will improve both your oral health and your headaches.