Ask Questions During Checkups

womantalkbubbleDo you know exactly what’s happening during each step of your dental checkup? Are you curious about other aspects of this preventive care visit, such as how often you should come back to see us? Perhaps other inquiries are floating around in your mind regarding your preventive dental care. You will be happy to learn – if you were not already aware – that your checkup is an opportunity to ask us your questions and to receive the professional, factual responses you have been seeking. Allow us to explain a bit more.

Why Ask Questions?

Many patients assume they should simply already know the answer to the questions they would like to ask during their dental checkup. Others assume we may laugh or that the question isn’t relevant enough. The truth is, if your question has anything to do with your oral health then it’s a good one to ask. We suggest asking questions because we only know what we see – if you are experiencing discomfort, are unsure about how to properly care for your smile, or otherwise, we need you to let us know, so we can help.

What Should I Ask?

While you know that you can ask anything under the sun regarding your smile or surrounding tissues, we are happy to provide you with some common questions we receive from patients during dental checkups. These should get you started:

  • “Why does my tooth hurt?”
  • “What type of toothbrush and toothpaste should I buy?”
  • “When should I come back for my next visit?”
  • “What can I do about making my smile look whiter?”
  • “What’s that equipment you’re using?”
  • “What are you looking for?”