Why You’re Missing The Importance Of Dental Hygiene

The idea that dental hygiene is very, very important for your oral health is not lost on you. It’s something that you are well aware of because you have been told many times in your life that you need to brush and you need to floss, so you can enjoy a healthy smile. However, for some reason, you may feel like you’re not actually making the connection in reality, when it comes to practicing this part of your dental care and seeing results. What’s the problem, you might wonder? Our Livonia, MI team thinks we have some solid ideas that will illuminate what’s going on (so you can easily become a more dedicated brusher and flosser!).

Damage Takes A While To Appear

One of the issues that we see over and over again is the fact that patients don’t see immediate damage from missing dental hygiene. Yes, you can tell from brushing and flossing that your smile feels clean. However, if you just don’t do it one night, you skip a day, or you even skip several days, you may be shocked to see that your smile still seems perfectly fine. The detail here is that one day of missed dental care can yield serious results (but they just won’t show up for a while). It’s just a matter of recognizing the facts! At some point, that damage will occur.

You Brush And Floss But Still Get Cavities

You brush and you floss every day. You actually do what you think you should be doing in terms of dental hygiene. However, you may find that you’re still ending up with tooth decay. As a result, you may find that you don’t think it’s very important because even when you do it, you have oral health problems. Yet another detail to consider: It only works if you’re consistent, you’re doing it correctly, and you’re seeing us for professional cleanings. If you think any one area (or more) of these particulars may be something you need some help with, just let us know! Then, you’ll see how helpful hygiene can be!

You Haven’t Seen A Dentist In Years

Perhaps you haven’t been practicing your best dental hygiene and you also haven’t been to a dentist in years. While you may not have any serious pain, you may overlook the fact that your smile isn’t in wonderful condition (and you overlook this because you haven’t seen us for a diagnosis). Always know just what’s happening and how to protect your oral health with checkups!

Keep Up With Optimal Dental Hygiene

Give your smile the absolute best protection it can receive not only by remembering that you need to see our team for cleanings and checkups but also by simply staying true to your daily dental hygiene. James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Livonia, MI and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.