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Quiz: Treating Chips

Do you know about chips? Are you certain about treating chipped teeth? Do you know if this is something that can affect your smile health or if it’s just a matter of esthetic details? Perhaps you already have this type of issue affecting your smile and, while you would really love to make it better,… Read more »

Treatment Options: Spaces Messing Up Your Smile?

What’s the problem with the way your smile looks? If your immediate response includes something along the lines of “there are spaces in my smile!” then this is certainly something we have heard before. Did you know that gaps in your grin can be more than just an eyesore? You’ve probably noticed that they can… Read more »

A Quick Quiz: Making Smiles Bright

Do you know what you can do on a daily basis to brighten up your smile? Are you clear regarding what does work and what does not work, when what you want is some truly remarkable improvement when it comes to the shade of your teeth? As we’re talking about achieving a very vivid grin,… Read more »

Quiz: How Does Bonding And Contouring Work?

Do you have issues with the shape or shade of your teeth? Even if you have multiple esthetic concerns, we can often address these problems in a single visit using dental bonding and contouring. How do these cosmetic procedures work? How do they differ from whitening or veneers?

Professional Whitening You Can Use At Home

If you have stained teeth, you may feel embarrassed about your appearance. We understand, and have a solution to discoloration! With our professional teeth whitening system, we can brighten your smile from home. You can enjoy teeth free of discoloration with a reduced risk of sensitivity as well!

How Do Veneers Improve A Smile?

Last week, we discussed cosmetic dentistry. Today, we would like to take a closer look at one of our cosmetic procedures: Porcelain veneers. We can use them to literally transform a smile, changing the appearance of the tooth. How do veneers improve smiles? What does placing them involve?

Learn More About Cosmetic Dentistry With Today’s Quiz!

Do you know what cosmetic dentistry is? Well, simply put, these are procedures that are meant to improve the beauty of your teeth, addressing common esthetic concerns, such as discoloration. We offer a variety of professional cosmetic treatments to help patients enjoy attractive and healthier smiles.

Do You Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

We use cosmetic dentistry to help improve the shape and shade of the teeth, addressing common problems with the appearance of your smile. Doing so can help you feel more confident and in some cases, even improve the health of your smile and help avoid common oral health concerns. What cosmetic procedures do we offer?… Read more »

Should I Try Veneers Or Bonding?

When a tooth becomes chipped, or if you develop permanent discoloration that doesn’t respond to traditional teeth whitening techniques, what should you do? We actually have two different cosmetic procedures that can help. Should you try bonding or veneers to improve the beauty of your smile?

Do You Have FAQs About Teeth Whitening?

We understand that the beauty of your smile is important. Your smile’s appearance can impact your levels of self-confidence and help you make a positive first impression. If you have issues with the color of your teeth, then you may benefit from cosmetic treatments, such as teeth whitening. Do you have questions about teeth whitening?