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Teeth-Whitening: A Few Basic Points

Teeth-whitening is the most commonly performed cosmetic dental procedure, but that doesn’t mean you are expected to just naturally know all about it. It’s not unusual to hear that people have all kinds of questions about whitening teeth in Livonia, MI, yet they are hesitant to ask, and so they continue to flash a not-quite-so-fabulous… Read more »

The “When” Behind Your Smile Care

As you move through life, there will always be another question that shows up here and there about things you’ve done for a long time! Sure, you have been making strides in smile care for years but that doesn’t mean there won’t be moments during which you wonder, “Hmm, when should I be doing that?”… Read more »

Worries About Cosmetic Care Holding You Back

As you know, cosmetic care is one of the fields of dental care that we offer for a very good reason: We want to help you make your smile look its best, particularly in the wake of esthetic damage, such as discoloration, minor chips, and more. While this is likely knowledge that you’ve already soaked… Read more »

Want a New Smile This Year? Ask About Porcelain Veneers!

At the beginning of a new year, most people’s thoughts turn to making improvements to their lives and starting things anew. Your smile may not always be one of those things, but if your goal is to improve your wellbeing, then your smile and oral health could be an important place to start. At our… Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry: 3 Little Fixes We Definitely Offer

There may be some issues that affect your smile, which end up seeming so small to you that you assume cosmetic care won’t be something we will offer. You assume we will consider the blemish or concern “insignificant” and, as a result, you decide to just keep the worry to yourself, rather than to let… Read more »

Getting The Whiter Smile You Really Want

What you really want for your smile, in addition to exceptional oral health, of course, is for it to look beautiful, bright, vibrant, white, and stain-free! You might have some ideas about how to make this a reality for yourself. However, if you haven’t talked with us about this hope and dream of yours in… Read more »

Charcoal Toothpaste Trend: Worth It?

When you want to whiten your smile, you may find that there are loads of trends out there that will promise to offer you the outcome you’re hoping to achieve! Unfortunately, though you may try to ignore the facts, you know deep down that they’re not all going to provide you with safe and effective… Read more »

Learn More About Cosmetic Dentistry With This Helpful Quiz!

What kind of outcome can you expect when you undergo a professional cosmetic treatment? The changes made will depend on what procedure you receive. For instance, a professional whitening treatment exclusively focuses on making your teeth brighter, but porcelain veneers can address discoloration, and many other problems. One thing you can count on is that… Read more »

Responding To Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry!

There might be some questions you have about cosmetic dentistry that you haven’t asked us yet, that you think you should probably not search on the internet for fear of finding misinformation, but that you’d really like answered. To this, we say: Please feel free to ask us! We would much rather you felt confident… Read more »

Holiday Photos: Some Simple Suggestions

Do you and your loved ones all pack in tight every year when you hang out for the holidays, so you can have someone snap a photo? Do you cringe at the thought of seeing yourself once the photos are sent out because you worry your smile might not look so hot? While this is… Read more »