Innocent Foods Can Still Cause Damage

Smile Livonia MIFor many of us, our teeth simply aren’t at the level of whiteness that we desire. Years of stains can build up, giving us an undesirable smile that we may hide from the world. And many of our favorite foods and beverages are particularly harmful to us. Red wine and coffee are frequent targets of criticism for their effect on your teeth.

But that does not mean that the only types of foods that can harm your teeth are things that we consider to be guilty pleasures. Plenty of your everyday fruits and vegetables are very high in coloration naturally, and over time, these can draken or yellow your smile. Remember that many of our dyes for clothing and paper come from vegetable sources. While some of these bright and vibrant colors do very well at attracting humans and animals, their long-term effects can be harmful.

That’s why today, your Livonia, MI dentist speaks to you about the dangers of stains on your teeth. We will also cover the new advancement in laser technology, so that we may gently and effortlessly lift these marks from your teeth!

Try Your Best

The strength of our dental tissue is remarkably strong, and able to withstand much in the way of abuse. We have, however, developed a close relationship between teeth and attractiveness. As well, your teeth are one of the first glances at your hygiene. So first encounters with an uncomfortable smile can lead to some serious self-image issues. 

One of the healthiest thing you can do to actively avoid stains is to be sure that your oral health care routine is as solid as it can be. If you are a huge fan of chocolate, say, it is extra helpful for you to spend a little more time maintaining your crisp white smile.

Most people should be brushing for longer, as well as be sure that you reach the hardest of spots to get. This also includes daily flossing and an oral rinse, neither of which should be ignored. Not only so these help with issues of discoloration, they also help prevent tooth decay. This also can help ensure that your mouth stays beautiful, as even initial decay causes the enamel to lose fluorescence. Your teeth will cease to glimmer and shine.

But Seek Help When Necessary

Our simple and effortlesss same-day whitening procedure may be a serious benefit to you if these are concerns that you have. We utilize a soft bleaching agent, primarily made of hyrodgen peroxide. Thickening agents are added to ensure that it remains on the teeth for the procedure. Once that is completed, your dentist will use a high-powered UV light to remove surface stains, and lift deeper ones up and out. 

Your health and safety are our primary concerns always, so make sure that you discuss any concerns with your dentist prior to whitening. If you have porcelain veneers, for instance, they will not accept a change in shade in the same way that your natural teeth will. 


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