Category: Community Events

Historic Greenmead Tour

Are you a huge fan of nostalgia and learning about the history of your community? Perhaps taking a walk back in time by literally entering historic structures is something that you get a big kick out of. If so, you may be interested in touring a small area of your town that has stood for… Read more »

Detroit River Days

Looking for a fun way to get summer started? Is your family ready for the warm, exciting days of summer, hoping to catch wind of a festival or two? If so, this is just the event for you.

Father’s Day Party

Do you feel strongly about celebrating your Pop, Papa, Dad, or however else you refer to your father? Perhaps you would like to honor your grandfather as well. Whoever has made a strong impact on you in your life as a male role model, this Father’s Day Party gives you a great opportunity to say,… Read more »

Run 2 Save Our Youth

Do you enjoy a good run to stay healthy and get your blood pumping for the day? Are you an individual who has a special interest in protecting your youngest fellow community members? If so, you may want to take part in this upcoming event.

Leah’s Happy Hearts Family Fun Walk

Do you enjoy active events? Perhaps you’re often on the lookout for important activities that take place in your community, which will offer support or that will shed light on an important cause. If so, you have the chance to join your fellow Livonia town members in supporting local children with this wonderful event.

Memorial Day Ceremony

Though the long weekend associated with Memorial Day is always a nice break, you may feel a bit more focused on marking this special day by giving your appreciation to the Veterans that are to be celebrated. If you would like to take part in paying homage, you and your family are invited to join… Read more »

Used Book Sale

Are you a bookworm? Perhaps not quite that dedicated to daily literature but you are certainly a fan of taking in the written word on a regular basis? Wherever you fall on the spectrum of book lovers, you are in for a lovely time. The Friends of the Library are holding a book sale event… Read more »

Plant Share in Livonia

If you spend time in the garden because it gives you peace of mind, relaxes you, because you simply love plants, or even if you’ve got a brown thumb but you’re an enthusiast anyway, you’re in for a treat. The Livonia Garden Club is hosting a plant share. Grab a plant of your own and… Read more »

Livonia Symphony Benefit Luncheon

Do you enjoy taking in the beautiful music of stringed instruments? Does listening to a symphony take you away to another level of relaxation and happiness? If so, it’s high time you take a listen from the Livonia Symphony Orchestra. It will be a treat that you – and your ears – will be happy… Read more »

Kids Night Out!

Are you beginning to feel like every single night is kids night but the thought of leaving your children with a babysitter causes you pangs of guilt? Don’t worry – you and your children can have a fun night out at the same time (but you can go ahead and schedule something more adult appropriate… Read more »