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Dental Sealants Quiz: Do You Know The Facts?

If you know a lot about dental sealants, then you may have only a random question about them here and there. However, if you don’t really know a lot about them except that they can help prevent cavities, it will most certainly benefit you to gain a quick education! For instance, you might know that… Read more »

Sealants: Better Safe Than Sorry!

When you’re providing your child with the best pediatric dental care you possibly can, that means a lot of things! At home, it means remaining focused on getting through effective brushing and flossing. With us, it means coming in for cleanings and checkups on a regular basis (we suggest every six months). This also means… Read more »

Your Child’s Smile: Answering Important Questions!

Your smile is already fully developed, so you don’t need to worry about treating it as it grows. It’s all done and you have gained a fairly thorough understanding of what it needs. When you’re figuring out how to best rely on dental care for your child, however, things are different. Your child or teen’s… Read more »

Orthotropics: 3 Important Details

Have you heard mention of orthotropics, which focuses on guiding your children’s teeth into place even before they have lost all of their baby teeth? Before you ignore this area of care and assume it’s unnecessary (and decide you’ll wait until your kids are teens), think again! Become more familiar with how early care can… Read more »

Fluoride Concerns: A Helpful Quiz

We know that as you reach for your toothpaste in the morning and the evening, you may find yourself faced with a moment similar to that which many of our patients have experienced: You suddenly wonder if fluoride is safe for your oral health, if you should worry about fluorosis, and where on earth to… Read more »

FAQs About Children’s Dentistry

Patients of all ages benefit from routine dental care and at-home maintenance. These steps are crucial for avoiding the onset of serious oral health problems. For parents, navigating the world of dentistry for their children can seem confusing. Fortunately, we’re here to help by answering frequently asked questions about children’s dentistry.

Should Children Get Dental Implants?

How do you replace a child’s lost tooth? Typically, you wait for its permanent replacement to grow in; however, if a primary (baby) tooth is lost before its time, then temporarily replacing it may be vital to a child’s developing dental health. For missing adult teeth, dental implants are often the ideal replacement option, but… Read more »

Dental Hygiene Tips For Kids’ Sleepovers

Few things can feel more challenging than when your child partakes in a sleepover. You won’t be there, of course, to monitor your child’s dental hygiene routine or sleep time. You know that brushing and flossing is of the utmost importance and you are quite consistent at your own home – but what to do when… Read more »

How Do My Kids Avoid Cavities?

Parents often ask our team, “How do my kids avoid cavities?” No one wants their child to suffer from toothaches and discomfort. Fortunately, children’s dentistry offers a few easy steps to protect little smiles from tooth decay. Changes to children’s diets and a preventive approach to oral care can reduce the risk of tooth decay… Read more »

Making Children’s Dentistry Happy: A Quiz

Have you ever wondered if there’s some secret to making children’s dentistry happy and fun? There are few things more frightening than looking at your little one and feeling the enormous pressure of wanting to make dental care fun, easy, and stress-free for everyone but not really knowing where to begin. Think you have some… Read more »