Will Orthotropic Treatment Prevent Misalignment?

When misalignment develops, children may need orthodontics in their teens and adult years. But what if treatment in early childhood could prevent the onset of misalignment? In today’s blog, we’re looking at how orthotropics could help children in Livonia, MI, enjoy healthier and straighter smile.

Frequently Asked Questions About Orthotropics

Question: What causes misalignment?

Answer: A variety of factors leads to misalignment, including wisdom tooth eruption, injury to the mouth, and premature tooth loss. However, alignment issues often develop due to problems with the growth of the jaw and oral tissues, which cause teeth to erupt out of alignment or push even teeth from optimal positions. These same issues with jaw and mouth development also lead to trouble breathing at night, impacting a child’s behavior and ability to sleep.

Question: How do orthotropics help?

Answer: Orthotropic treatment involves prescribing a custom-made oral appliance to children as young as age three. The sleep appliance will be worn at night as the child rests. The device then guides the growth and development of the jaw and oral structures, while correcting issues already present. Treatment then prevents many of the issues that would cause serious alignment problems later in life.

Question: Will treating the issue address other concerns?

Answer: Yes! The treatment also ensures airways remain open and unobstructed, allowing children to rest easy and preventing the onset of sleep apnea and other common sleep disorders as children grow.

Question: What are signs my child needs treatment?

Answer: You may notice your child’s smile is uneven, or that they feel drowsy during the day, have trouble falling asleep or waking up, feel irritable and moody frequently, or experience behavioral issues at school. If one or more of these concerns reflect your little one, then give our team a call to discuss a diagnosis.

Does Your Child Need Treatment?

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