Will Dental Implants Cause Embarrassment?

questioncardsAre you feeling emotionally distraught over your recent tooth loss? For many patients, the way a missing tooth or teeth affect one’s self-esteem can become quite significant. The good news is that most dental prosthetics provide a beautiful finish, thanks to advances in materials and technology. When it comes to considering dental implants to replace teeth, it’s important to note that implants will certainly not cause any embarrassment. They will look and function beautifully. Allow us to offer further, compelling information.

There’s No Slippage

One of the issues that can cause a patient embarrassment is the concern over a prosthetic slipping, falling out, or the need to secretly remove a prosthetic to eat certain foods. When it comes to dental implants, there’s nothing to worry about. An implant is supported within your jawbone, where it receives complete support. As a result, you will feel like your replacement is a natural tooth. You may speak, eat, laugh, sing, and that tooth replacement will not budge.

They Look Extremely Natural

First things first, a dental implant is a post that will sit within your jawbone and is hidden by your gum tissue. Nobody will be able to see the post. Then, we will place your restoration (a dental crown for a single implant) over the post with a connector piece called an abutment. The crown will be customized to look lifelike and will sit at your gumline. We use natural-looking material like porcelain that mimics the appearance of tooth tissue. The result? It will look like a real tooth. No embarrassment possible.