Natural Growth Guidance

For the most part, our jawbones and facial structures have grown smaller over the ages to accommodate softer, cooked foods with optimal efficiency. In some cases, this can lead to complications in the growth and development of your teeth, jaw, and face, leading to issues such as bite misalignment, sleep breathing disorders, jaw dysfunctions, and more. For children, orthotropics corrects this growth by expanding the dental arches to make room for the child’s teeth, tongue, and oral tissues to grow properly. Rather than surgery or forceful realignment, the goal of Biobloc Orthotropics is to naturally guide the growth of your child’s facial and oral structures, addressing the issue at a biological level. We also have treatments designed to help adults in need of orthotropic treatment. The Homeoblock™ appliance guides the development of the jaw and oral structures, and helps improve oral posture.

What Else Can Orthotropics Correct?

Because the alignment of your child’s teeth plays a significant role in overall jaw and facial development, orthotropics can seem similar to orthodontics. The difference, however, is that orthotropics improves tooth alignment by first improving the growth, symmetry, and positioning of the upper palate and lower jawbone. In addition to improved facial appearance, orthotropics improves the size of the airway, which is vital to preventing or managing sleep breathing disorders like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Consequently, your child will be less at risk for sleep breathing related issues, including teeth-grinding, TMJ disorder, and a variety of systemic health concerns.
To find out if your child might be a good candidate for orthotropic treatment, fill out our Child Sleep Health Questionnaire, then call us to schedule a consultation.

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