Dental Fillings That Blend With Your Smile

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When a tooth develops a cavity, this could not only cause discomfort, but lack of care could mean an eventual infection or even a lost tooth! But our team offers a treatment to address the cavity in one visit, and with lifelike results too. In today’s blog, your Livonia, MI, dentist talks about our dental fillings.

When a Cavity Threatens Your Smile

Cavities form when the outer enamel can no longer protect the sensitive inner dentin. For example, when poor oral hygiene and a diet high in sugar and starch creates plaque buildup that weakens and erodes the enamel, or when teeth grinding or an injury damages their enamel. Harmful oral bacteria then reach the inner dentin, causing a cavity to form that increases in severity with time, eventually causing a dental infection and risking the loss of a tooth. When you experience tooth sensitivity when eating and drinking, or a persistent toothache that doesn’t fade with time, then you need to see our team right away for a dental filling!

Placing a Dental Filling

Our team will take a close look at the tooth with digital x-rays, so we can assess the strength and position of the decay with detail. We then numb the tooth with a local anesthesia so you’re comfortable as we remove the decay and clean the tooth thoroughly. Next, we prepare and place the filling material to treat the tooth. We don’t use metal, instead we offer a composite resin that is safe for all ages. The material is biocompatible and bonds with the tooth, and we will shade it to blend with your smile too. Once the material is in place, we will shape the tooth and then cure the material beneath a light. The last step is to polish it for a brighter appearance. In one visit, we stop your cavity symptoms and offer relief.

Custom Crowns and More

What if you have a case of tooth decay too severe for a dental filling? In these scenarios, we could create a custom crown that covers the tooth, or even a partial crown, such as an inlay or onlay. We want to address the issue and protect your smile from tooth loss and worsening discomfort. We can also discuss checkups and cleanings, and better oral hygiene habits at home to manage the cavities and keep your smile whole and healthy. If you have any questions about how we diagnose and treat cavities with our lifelike dental fillings, then contact our team today.


We want to offer single-visit treatment to stop decay and protect the smile. To find our more or to schedule their next appointment, give us a call at our office in Livonia, MI at (734)425-4400.