Touch Up Your Enamel For A Tidy Smile

Shine Livonia MIThere are constant daily risks to the smile. Simply due to its location on the face, physical trauma is likely to occur here and the structures within can be delicate and suffer long-term damage. Chewing itself can be a possible hazard, as an errant seed or piece of bone can lead to a chip or a small break to the enamel.

While this material is durable, it does not regrow. One common way to repair minor enamel damage is through the use of dental bonding. This process utilizes a strong resin to restore your teeth to an even and natural-looking appearance.

Others struggle with the overgrowth of this tissue. Contouring is a tested method of reshaping the tooth to ensure that your smile looks clean and gorgeous. This process can also help you to keep your smile healthy, as tricky locations between the teeth can build up dangerous bacteria. Our Livonia, MI office can help you tidy up enamel concerns of all varieties!

Rebuild Wear With Bonding

Over time, our mouths see a large amount of trauma. Chewing and speaking alone can expose us to the possibility of a small chip or a break.  Due to its location on the face, the teeth are a prime area for accidental trauma. These instances can sometimes be small enough that you are not looking for a porcelain veneer restoration.

Dental bonding is a way to strengthen your enamel where there is a chip using the application of a strong resin. This material emulates our own natural enamel. When we shape and polish your enamel enhancement, the result is a stunning repair that melds with the rest of your smile.

Reshape Your Enamel

Another common concern in cosmetic dentistry is the uneven or overgrown enamel. When this occurs, the teeth may appear misshapen or too large. Contouring allows for the gentle removal of the tissue, precisely shaping your smile. There are a few benefits of this process, both cosmetic and medical. By giving your teeth the appropriate amount of space and care, you may be able to better limit the bacterial growth that can cause decay.

Contouring can also be applied to the tissue of the gums, as well. Periodontal shaping can remove overgrowth of this material, making your teeth appear the accurate size. Speak with us today about the possibility of cosmetic gum enhancement!

Crafting Beautiful Smiles In Livonia, MI

Small chips and other enamel wear can be a nagging annoyance. Dental bonding may provide a solution for your enamel damage. To schedule a consultation in Livonia, MI with Dr. James Stewart, DDS, call our office today at (734) 425-4400. Find a solution for your enamel concern today!