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Test Your Cosmetic Dentistry Knowledge

How much do you know about cosmetic dentistry in Livonia? Our Livonia cosmetic dentist, Dr. Stewart challenges you to see how much you know about cosmetic dentistry. Take this short quiz to find out more about improving your smile. You can check your answers by clicking “Read the rest of this entry.” Cosmetic Dentistry Quiz… Read more »

Parents, Give Your Child the Gift of a Beautiful Smile

We’re already more than halfway through April, which means that May—and the end of the school year—is right around the corner. The end of the school year brings a lot of big events for senior students, including prom, senior pictures, and graduation. Today, Livonia, MI cosmetic and family dentist Dr. James Stewart wants to urge… Read more »

Celebrate World Health Day with Dental Care in Livonia, MI

This Saturday, April 7, is World Health Day, and, in honor of this observance day, Livonia, MI dentist Dr. James Stewart encourages you to think about all aspects of your health and consider what you can do to make a positive change. Because oral and overall health are so closely connected, taking better care of… Read more »

Taking Care of Your New Smile After Cosmetic Reconstruction in Livonia

A few weeks ago, Livonia dentist Dr. James Stewart discussed how to keep your mouth and dental work safe following dental filling, dental crown, and dental bridge appointments. Today, Dr. Stewart wants to discuss how to care for your new smile following cosmetic reconstruction. After Cosmetic Reconstruction It is important to remember that your mind… Read more »

Do You Need a Second Opinion?

The decision to receive dental care is a big one. For most people, professional dental care is a normal, routine part of health care, but what about smile makeover dentistry? Cosmetic and/or restorative dentistry requires an investment of your time, money, trust, and one of your most-noticeable assets: your smile. Because of this, Livonia comprehensive… Read more »

Comprehensive Dental Care From Your Livonia Dentist

Can you believe that, thanks to teeth whitening and porcelain dental crowns, these teeth… …were transformed into these teeth? And that, thanks to porcelain crowns and a partial denture, these teeth… …became these teeth? The above photos are just two examples of the smile makeovers completed by Livonia comprehensive care dentist Dr. James Stewart. Offering… Read more »

Phased Full-Mouth Dental Rehabilitation

This is a patient story that we are really excited about!  Our patient, Ron, expressed a desire to improve his smile.  A thorough exam and analysis revealed that Ron had some issues with his bite that had to be addressed for his cosmetic treatment to be stable and successful. We made impressions of his teeth… Read more »

Young Musicians, Healthy Smiles

Is your child learning to play an instrument? So much has been said about the importance of wearing an athletic mouth guard during sports, but other extra-curricular activities can affect your child’s teeth, including band and orchestra. Problem Instruments Instruments played by biting onto a mouthpiece can cause problems with upper teeth alignment. The clarinet, especially,… Read more »

Livonia, MI Dentist Explains Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry

You might not think about Dr. Stewart as an artist, but one look at his smile makeover patients would change that. Dr. Stewart offers general dentistry, children’s dentistry, and even sleep apnea treatment. Many people don’t know that he’s a talented cosmetic dentist, as well. At Dr. Stewart’s Livonia dentist office, you have access to… Read more »

The Cold Harsh Facts on Ice and Your Teeth

We have all done it. You leave your favorite restaurant, finish off the drink and start crunching on the ice. Crushed ice or cubed, we seem to be drawn to the frozen liquid in that cup. The problem you may not realize is that chewing on ice can damage your teeth. Our teeth are covered… Read more »