Revamp Your Smile With Porcelain Veneers

Veneer Livonia MIThe use of ceramic as a dental prosthetic is a relatively recent technological advancement, and it all started with one Hollywood dentist. His movie magic porcelain fronts have evolved to an enormous market today. Not only has this saved many broken and cracked teeth, but it has immense benefits cosmetically, as well!

This, alongside dental implant technology, pushed dentistry more than any other advancements of the 20th century. If you currently have concerns with the structure of your smile, these may bring needed stability and function. Also, if you are looking for a crisp, beautiful smile, porcelain veneers may be a fantastic solution for you. Today, your Livonia, MI dentist explains some of the history of this procedure, and how it can help bring new life to an old and damaged smile! (more…)

Innocent Foods Can Still Cause Damage

Smile Livonia MIFor many of us, our teeth simply aren’t at the level of whiteness that we desire. Years of stains can build up, giving us an undesirable smile that we may hide from the world. And many of our favorite foods and beverages are particularly harmful to us. Red wine and coffee are frequent targets of criticism for their effect on your teeth.

But that does not mean that the only types of foods that can harm your teeth are things that we consider to be guilty pleasures. Plenty of your everyday fruits and vegetables are very high in coloration naturally, and over time, these can draken or yellow your smile. Remember that many of our dyes for clothing and paper come from vegetable sources. While some of these bright and vibrant colors do very well at attracting humans and animals, their long-term effects can be harmful.

That’s why today, your Livonia, MI dentist speaks to you about the dangers of stains on your teeth. We will also cover the new advancement in laser technology, so that we may gently and effortlessly lift these marks from your teeth! (more…)

Staying On The Dental Cutting Edge

Scope Livonia MIAll fields of medicine are continuously evolving, adding new procedures and dropping old treatment that no longer serves us as a need. This is especially true in dentistry, through both advancements in structure and in fighting infection. Our office enjoys being routine early adopters of new processes in imaging, diganosis, and treatment.

There are numerous benefits in these innovations, for both us as oral health professionals, and you, our patient! We want to ensure that your experience is both the most comfortable it can be, but also safer than ever before. We do this both in our dental procedures as well as in state-of-the-art air filtration. In these times, people may feel understandably worried about disease transmission, so it is important to us that our office is as safe as it can be.

Today, your Livonia, MI dentist explains some of the ways we have invested in your smile’s future by diving headfirst into cutting-edge technology. This can save you time and comfort, making your visits to the office more pleasant. (more…)

Your Baby Needs Protecting, Too

Baby Livonia MIFor new parents, and even for those who’ve been around the block before, children’s dentistry can be a little daunting. With all the things you have going on right now in your life, that’s understandable. But that doesn’t make it any less important!

Since infant teeth are designed to be lost, parents can believe that the health of this first set may be a little less important than our adult ones. But these track a path that helps alignment in the future. Paying attention now can make all the difference in orthodontic procedures in the future.

Today, your Livonia, MI dentist speaks to you about the dangers of baby bottle tooth decay, what it is, and how to best avoid its dangers! (more…)

A Root Canal May Relieve Your Pain

Root Livonia MIIf you are suffering from tooth pain, it may be due to a bacterial infection that has reached the pulp and root within. When this happens, the most common solution is what is known as a root canal. People may be familiar with these due to their (rather unfair) depictions in media, but have never thought much about them.

Today, your Livonia, MI dentist explains how this procedure operates, and whether it might be a fit for you! (more…)

Tense? Night Guards May Help

Many people, without even thinking about it, grind their teeth, or clench their jaw. When this activity is severe enough to cause damage to the mouth, it is referred to as the medical condition bruxism. For most people, it never becomes an issue, just a physical quirk about themselves.

For others, however, it can be a serious medical concern, and it is important to know when to seek advice from a dentist or similar trained skilled individual. Today, your Livonia, MI dentist explains the benefits of night guards in relieving a tense and uncomfortable jaw!


The Astounding History Of Implants

Lemons Livonia MIWe tend to take some of the technological advancements of the past few decades for granted. Our phones are now computers, and we have access to any information on the planet within seconds. But there have been some miraculous discoveries, and the field of oral health is certainly no exception.

One way that has benefited millions across the globe has been the advancement of dental implant technology. This entails the full replacement of a tooth, down into the bone, where a post is placed within your jaw. This prosthetic is designed to hold for years, giving you a fully functional new aspect of your smile, while at the same time, looking gorgeous!

Today, your Livonia, MI dentist speaks to you about the amazing development of the dental implant and how they might be of great aid to you and your smile! (more…)

Be Sure To Monitor Your Gumline

Gumline Livonia MIGum recession is incredibly common in the United States, but still it seems to be something that we are all somewhat ashamed of admitting. People will go to incredible lengths to hide their periodontal disease, yet for some reason,they are hesitant to seek help from a trained healthcare professional.

Today, your Livonia, MI dentist writes on the importance of keeping track of any changes in your mouth! (more…)

Misalignment Treatment Through Other Procedures

Smile Livonia MIIf you have been contemplating a cosmetic procedure, but also need restorative work performed, you might see the possibility of a secondary benefit! For people who receive porcelain veneers or dental implants, minor misalignment concerns might be able to be ameliorated at the same time.

Today, your Livonia, Mi dentist highlights some ways that you can stack benefits onto procedures! (more…)

Keep Track Of Your Dry Mouth

Dry Livonia MIMany people wonder to themselves about issues they have with their oral health. Sometimes, you can trick yourself into believing something to be true, like thinking that a perfectly healthy tooth may be loose. The inverse of that can be true, as well.

We will often disregard serious issues as nagging annoyances, rather than medical concerns. One of these situations we see frequently is that of a dry mouth, or issues producing or retaining enough saliva within the mouth. Today, your Livonia, MI Dentist explains what to look for and what to tell your oral health professional. (more…)