Touch Up Your Enamel For A Tidy Smile

Shine Livonia MIThere are constant daily risks to the smile. Simply due to its location on the face, physical trauma is likely to occur here and the structures within can be delicate and suffer long-term damage. Chewing itself can be a possible hazard, as an errant seed or piece of bone can lead to a chip or a small break to the enamel.

While this material is durable, it does not regrow. One common way to repair minor enamel damage is through the use of dental bonding. This process utilizes a strong resin to restore your teeth to an even and natural-looking appearance.

Others struggle with the overgrowth of this tissue. Contouring is a tested method of reshaping the tooth to ensure that your smile looks clean and gorgeous. This process can also help you to keep your smile healthy, as tricky locations between the teeth can build up dangerous bacteria. Our Livonia, MI office can help you tidy up enamel concerns of all varieties! (more…)

Find A Lasting Restoration Solution

Sweater Livonia MIStructural concerns involving the teeth can become worrisome for your smile’s future. Whether in need of a reinforcement of your existing enamel or a replacement procedure, the durability of any solution is crucial to its success. This involves multiple aspects of production, including materials and technique. Our increasing technological abilities are also making lasting improvement an attainable possibility for more mouths each day!

Creating a solution for your broken or missing tooth that can withstand daily rigor is one of the highest priorities for our Livonia, MI dental practice. We can work to turn your worrisome tooth into one of your smile’s strengths! (more…)

The Strength Of Implant Technology

Beard Livonia MINobody looks forward to the idea of losing a tooth. For starters, it is a vital piece of your ability to chew and speak. And your smile is one of the first things people see during a first impression, so the idea of having a gap is scary. But one of the most important medical innovations of the last century is becoming more and more accessible, and that is the dental implant.

This technology uses threaded titanium posts to restore your smile. Through a process known as osseointegration, our bodies can accept this special metal instead of casting it off as a foreign object. When this location heals, the post can support a dental prosthetic that is strong enough to chew. Not only is it functional, but these replacements are gorgeous additions to your smile. Today, your Livonia, MI dentist explains how a dental implant surgery procedure can help you restore the vigor of your smile! (more…)

Give Yourself The Gift Of Oral Health

Xmas Livonia MIThis time of year, we are understandably focused on the things we need to do for others. But sometimes, this burden can prevent us from taking the necessary steps to keep us at our best. Our friends and our family rely on us to be the best we possibly can be. Having the best smile possible can be a great way to surprise your loved ones during the holidays!

While the time is getting near, there are things you can do to ensure you look and feel your best. Speak with your trained oral health care provider about the possibilities in bringing your smile to a new level. From an effortless whitening refresher to repair of normal wear and tear, don’t let your dental concerns wait until the new year. Today, your Livonia, MI dentist shows you some of the quicker ways we can improve your smile before you see your friends and family for the holidays! (more…)

Sensitivity In The Cold? You’re Not Alone

Pain Livonia MIMany patients report that they see a wave of dental discomfort when the weather begins to finally turn cold. Here in Michigan, we certainly know how it can seem to hit you right down to your bones. If you are beginning to notice some sensitivity in your smile when you breathe in cold air, it might be the sign of something more sinister.

There are many different ways that your teeth become more sensitive over time. The most common instance of this is through the weakening of your enamel, or the hard exterior surface. This matter gives your tooth its functionality and also its protection. In healthy mouths, this creates a barrier between the outside world and the vulnerable structures that are working beneath. Today, your Livonia, Mi dentist outlines some of the more common causes of dental sensitivity and what we may be able to do to help! (more…)

Improve Your Health With Gum Restoration

Gums Livonia MIPeriodontal disease, or the infection and inflammation of the gum tissue, is an incredibly common occurrence in The United States. Approximately 42% of American adults over the age of thirty suffer from this condition, and that number is growing through barriers to access to care, coupled with increases in our ability to diganose. It has always been a struggle to convince people to take their health seriously, and if people view an issue as a cosmetic one, they are less likely to seek treatment.

But the development of periodontal disease can have devastating effects on the future of your oral health. This form of tissue creates a strong barrier between the bacterial battlefield of the mouth, and when an infection takes hold, it can lead to this material pulling back from its natural location on your teeth. Today, your Livonia, MI dentist writes on how restoring your gumline might not only give you back the beautiful smile you once had, but can strengthen your immune system and keep your oral health strong! (more…)

Tracking Wisdom Teeth Early Is Key

Teen Livonia MIIf you are the parent of a teen, it may be hard to know when they are dealing with a serious health concern. Teens themselves might not understand the seriousness of some issues, as well. After all, they have not had the life experience to help determine what changes in their body are normal. So they can let these problems fester for too long before they seek medical help.

But with our third set of molars, it is very important to monitor their growth early and routinely. This means keeping to a strict schedule of appointments with your trained oral health care provider. The information that comes with digital x-rays and other imagery can be invaluable in saving your smile from many different concerns. These include issues with alignment and even enamel damage. Today, your Livonia, MI dentist reiterates the need to keep a particular eye on adolescent and young adult mouths! (more…)

Better Sleep Means Better Health

TMJ Livonia MIMany patients of all ages report that they have issues with their nightly rest. The unfortunate thing about being unconscious, however, is that it may be hard to put a finger on the issue. You may notice the secondary symptoms but be completely unaware that you are doing damage in your sleep.

Our jaws create problems in our mouth through unconscious movements. You might notice yourself chewing or grinding during the day and catch yourself. But when you’re resting, you don’t have the mental fortitude to stop yourself. This can lead to obstructive sleep apnea, where you pause breath momentarily throughout the night. You may also have issues with grinding or clenching your teeth, with a condition known as bruxism.

Today, your Livonia, MI dentist goes over just some of the ways that a custom nightly mouthguard may help you get the sleep you need. And protect your smile and your health while avoiding surgery! (more…)

Crafting A Strong Smile Solution

Young Pro Livonia MIFor anyone, a beautiful smile is the ideal. But for younger adults, they may not even be aware of how to approach cosmetic dentistry. And for these individuals, not only is the visual appeal part of the equation, but also durability and function. If someone in their twenties or thirties decides to dip into this field, they need to feel comfortable in the future of their smile.

But whatever solution you are looking toward, the durability of dental replacements is better than ever. Today, your Livonia, MI dentist writes on how cosmetic dental procedures can give you a beautiful smile that is designed to last! (more…)

Choosing The Right Dental Prosthetic

Pros Livonia MIIf you have recently had a tooth extracted, or if you are thinking it may be a possibility, you may be a little overwhelmed. Not only have you just suffered the trauma of losing a vital piece of our oral health system, but the decision can be tough! There are a few different routes that you can make in your restoration.

Often, this decision is made through the situation. Certain techniques work best in specific conditions, so you might already be limited. But for many, there is a choice that needs to be made on how to create a beautiful, functional prosthetic. Today, your Livonia, MI dentist walks you through just some of the ways we repair broken smiles. And as always, give us a call for a consultation! (more…)