Answers to Common Questions About Orthotropics

You know that your child’s oral health is largely impacted on the level of care they receive in their early years. However, did you know that early oral health care can help prevent more than just tooth decay or problems with misaligned teeth? Orthotropic treatment is the process of helping children develop properly aligned and proportioned oral and facial structures as early as possible. At our Livonia, MI, dental office, we may recommend orthotropics for children who exhibit one or several signs of oral and facial misalignment, including sleep breathing disorders such as sleep apnea. (more…)

Ready For Bonding? It Can Do These 4 Things! 

Of course, dental bonding can help you accomplish one or more of a long list of achievements! However, when we’re narrowing things down to help you figure out whether this cosmetic care option might work for you, we like to highlight some of those major details that patients frequently hope to stumble upon. Consider these introductory particulars and, if you’re ready to learn more or you think it’s probably high time you came in for a consultation and a personalized care plan, just get in touch with our Livonia, MI team!


Got A Canker Sore? Follow This Advice! 

If you have a canker sore, you may feel like your whole world just turned upside down! Not only is it quite uncomfortable (remember, numbing ointment can help with that) but you really want it to go away. However, if you’re not sure how you are supposed to approach the treatment of such a sore, you might end up feeling stressed out on top of worrying about your smile, which makes matter worse. How to solve it all? As you might have guessed, you can rely on our friendly Livonia, MI practice to help!


The Difference Between Orthodontic and Orthotropic Care

When most people think about dental misalignment, the first thing that comes to mind is crooked teeth. Therefore, orthodontic treatment often seems like the most reasonable treatment for any dental misalignment. However, the truth is that not all forms of dental misalignment are the same. Even if the most notable problem seems to be a crooked bite, there may be more to the issue than just one or more misaligned teeth. At our Livonia, MI, dental office, we can help you determine if orthodontic treatment is preferable to correct your child’s condition, or if orthotropic treatment is the better, more effective solution. (more…)

Are My Gums Just Irritated?

It’s a question that can become increasingly confusing and hard to answer, when you’re at home and your gums feel not-so-great: Are my gums just irritated, you wonder to yourself? Or, are your gums possibly dealing with a problem that’s in need of our Livonia, MI team’s attention and care (such as gum disease)? What you really need is to better understand what could be going on and the type of next step to take, which we, of course, are pleased to help you establish!


Your TMJs: The Better Way To Approach Care

As with many areas of dental care, your best approach to protecting your oral health when TMJ disorder affects you is to come to our Livonia, MI team for your answers, your care, and more! However, we know that like many patients, you may find yourself interested and compelled by seeking guidance and improvement from other sources. Whether because it seems easier this way or because you feel like you should be able to treat your jaw joints with your own clever efforts, we remind you: This is always better left to the dental professionals! Learn more.


When’s a Good Time to Ask About Orthotropics?

Sometimes, the need for orthotropic treatment can be more obvious than at other times. For example, depending on the severity of your child’s oral and/or facial misalignment, it can visibly affect their smile and facial features, the way their bite functions, and more. Or, the misalignment may not be immediately noticeable until a comprehensive examination reveals it. At our Livonia, MI, dental office, we can help you determine if orthotropics is a good idea for your child, and how the treatment may be beneficial both now and in the long run. (more…)

Cosmetic Treatments: What Suits Your Fancy?

When you’re thinking that cosmetic care could potentially add something very empowering to your life, our Livonia, MI team tends to first ask: What type of improvements do you have in mind? What suits your fancy? Are you looking for a whiter smile or some other change? When you articulate the particular areas with which you feel concerned and what you wish you were looking at in terms of your smile’s appearance, we can very easily help you. So, let’s get started by breaking down the details into easy-to-consider categories.


3 Ways Orthotropics Can Benefit Your Child

Children’s oral health care can sometimes be more challenging than routine adult care. On top of helping children maintain excellent dental health, it also involves helping ensure that they’re oral and facial structures develop correctly and in proper alignment. At our Livonia, MI, dental office, we offer custom orthotropics that help comfortably and successfully promote better facial and oral development through the use of personalized appliances. After a comprehensive examination, we can help you determine if orthotropics can benefit your child. (more…)

FAQs: The Idea Of Do-It-Yourself Whitening

Are you thinking about what it might take to accomplish some type of teeth whitening on your own? Maybe you’re not even thinking so much about any type of strong treatment but you figure that there must be something you can change in terms of your usual daily care that will allow you to end up with a much whiter smile. We understand that, of course, you’d like to find the quickest, easiest, most cost-effective solution that will lead you toward a brighter grin. To help, our Livonia, MI team explains why all DIY (do it yourself) attempts are generally best left alone and why seeing us for professional care from the start is in your best interest!