Three Ways Veneers Can Address Inconsistencies

Image of happy young business woman posing isolated over grey wall background.Taking care of your grin is a constant task. From making sure to practice excellent preventive care at home through brushing and flossing, attending routine examinations and cleanings, and even taking into account your diet and beverage consumption, it can become tiring at times. Even when you follow these steps closely, outside forces can play a factor in your smile’s appearance, including items that stain your teeth or even physical accidents that cause chips and cracks. Having a healthy smile is one thing, but having a healthy smile that you love and feel confident in is another, and that is why your Livonia, MI dentist at James Stewart, DDS wants to inform you about three ways veneers can address cosmetic inconsistencies.


Children’s Orthotropic Care With Biobloc

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In our last blog, we explained how orthodontic treatment could help adults breathe easier and enjoy improved facial esthetics. However, we also have the same treatment options to help children, guiding the growth of their jaw and facial structures to improve oral health. In today’s blog, your Livonia, MI, dentist will look at children’s orthotropic treatment with Biobloc appliances.


Adult Orthotropic Care With Homeoblock™

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As we grow, sometimes issues with the development of our jaw and oral structures could impact how well we breathe at night, our facial structure, and lead to the onset of issues like sleep apnea, TMD, or even bruxism. In childhood, we correct these issues and guide the growth of the jaw with orthotropics. But if you were unable to seek treatment for these concerns in childhood, we can use the Homeoblock™ oral appliances to provide care for adults in Livonia, MI.