Curious About Orthotropics? Ask Us Any Question!

Children’s dental care isn’t vastly different from caring for adults’ smiles. Many of the most common threats are the same, such as the tooth decay that develops when oral bacteria gather excessively on teeth surfaces. However, at our Livonia, MI, dental office, we know that a child’s oral health poses several unique challenges, most of which stem from the fact that their oral and facial structures are still growing and developing. Orthotropic treatment helps us ensure that this growth and development goes smoothly, and can help your child avoid a wide range of potentially serious issues. (more…)

Thanksgiving Turkey And Your Teeth: The Good, The Bad 

There’s the very good, very exciting side of your Thanksgiving turkey that can make you think this dish is just fantastic for your oral health (and it is quite wonderful!). However, as with just about anything in life, our Livonia, MI team reminds you that it’s all about context. So, before you quickly reach for as many servings as possible this coming holiday, reel in those enchanted feelings, take a deeper look at the way turkey may benefit (or lead to some issues) for your smile, and then feel good knowing you’re prepared to get your fork and knife ready without a drop of worry!


What Is Orthotropics, and Is It Right for Your Child?

The development of your child’s oral and facial structures is intricately connected, and the relationship between them can influence your child’s quality of life in several important ways. Orthotropics is the diagnosis and treatment of concerns regarding this development, often through the use of custom-designed appliances designed specifically for each child. At our Livonia, MI, dental office, we can design an appropriate orthotropic treatment plan to help improve your child’s oral and facial development, which can help alleviate symptoms or avoid complications related to their malformation. (more…)

Cavities: Reminders That Are Shockingly Easy! 

Of course, if you develop a cavity, our Livonia, MI team offers the beautiful tooth-colored fillings you need to restore your smile, say goodbye to the problem, and get your tooth healthy again (as your smile is back to its old self). What you’d prefer, though, is to just avoid the whole tooth decay experience altogether, so you can just maintain your oral health, enjoy your spot in the no-cavity club, and that’s about it. Is this possible, you ask? Our answer is: Definitely! Consider some shockingly easy reminders that will help you do just that.


Remember These Details About TMJ Treatment

There are some things you may not have considered just yet about TMJ treatment with our Livonia, MI team, which may be why you haven’t come in to talk about your jaw joints just yet. Or, the reason you have your oral appliance treatment with you at home but you are not yet very serious about using it as consistently as we suggest (every single day). So, to clear up anything that may be hindering your ability to thoroughly protect this part of your oral health, we’ve got some helpful details for you to store away in your mind, as it motivates you to take much better care of your TMJs!


Ready For Teeth In A Day? Come In Soon!

You thought that if you were interested in dental implants, no matter what, it was going to take about six months to a year to arrive at a finish line of a complete smile. Then, suddenly, you learned about Teeth in a Day! You had no idea that you could address tooth loss all in just one visit! In fact, you’re still not completely clear on the details, on whether it’s something that will work for you, or the best way to approach this possibility for your smile completion. Good news: Your Livonia, MI dentist has advanced training and experience with this treatment! When you’re ready to learn more about it, your best bet is heading in for a consultation at our practice!


How Serious of an Issue Is Tooth Decay?

The thing about tooth decay is that, despite being the most common chronic dental health condition, it’s also highly preventable. If it does develop, it can usually be treated with a minimally invasive restoration, such as a tooth-colored filling, before it gets too serious. At our Livonia, MI, dental office, we can help customize your tooth decay treatment to make it much less serious of an issue. However, if you wait too long to treat it, then the threat that the decay poses to the rest of your oral health will become increasingly more severe. (more…)

3 Things To Keep In Mind About Pain 

Oral pain is one of those symptoms that you might think you’ve got all sorted out. You may guess that you know just how to respond, just what’s happening, and more. However, though this sensation may often present itself in a way that seems to communicate something obvious, whether the type of problem it’s related to or the treatment you may (or may not) require, don’t forget: Discomfort is actually something that can cause you a lot of confusion! That is, unless you come in for a checkup with our Livonia, MI team, so you know just what is really going on. Let’s work through some additional and very helpful reminders for you to consider!


What Conditions Can Orthotropics Help Improve?

Children who experience issues with the growth and development of their oral and facial structures – particularly, the alignment of proportion of each structure in relation to the others – can often benefit from orthotropics. Treatment with a custom-designed appliance can help correct this development, which in turn helps your child address several different resulting issues. At our Livonia, MI, dentist’s office, we can recommend and design an orthotropic treatment plan specifically to help address the unique conditions your child experiences. (more…)

Why You’re Missing The Importance Of Dental Hygiene

The idea that dental hygiene is very, very important for your oral health is not lost on you. It’s something that you are well aware of because you have been told many times in your life that you need to brush and you need to floss, so you can enjoy a healthy smile. However, for some reason, you may feel like you’re not actually making the connection in reality, when it comes to practicing this part of your dental care and seeing results. What’s the problem, you might wonder? Our Livonia, MI team thinks we have some solid ideas that will illuminate what’s going on (so you can easily become a more dedicated brusher and flosser!).