What One Thing Can You Do For Your Smile Today?

Sometimes, thinking about what you can do for your smile and realizing that you probably should be doing something can feel overwhelming. It’s often not for any reason other than the fact that instead of taking things one step at a time, you feel compelled to do everything all at once. The result? You may end up feeling frustrated, giving up for the day, and announcing that you’ll get started tomorrow instead. Rather than fall into the trap of procrastination, our Livonia, MI team encourages you to consider one thing you can do in terms of smile care today. Do this every day and you’ll be on track in no time!


Oral Appliance Therapy: What Does It Treat?

You’ve probably heard of oral appliance therapy before, particularly if you’ve been dealing with something that needs help but that isn’t treatable with restorative care. Did you know that whether you’re having trouble with the way your jaw joints are working, being able to sleep through the night, and more, there is often one simple approach to your oral health that will make things better? As mentioned, it’s with the help of an appliance you may know better as a mouthguard and our Livonia, MI team is happy to remove the mystery, so you can get back to a healthy grin soon.


A Few Important Things to Know About Orthotropics

Does your child seem snore or seem to have trouble sleeping? Do they feel exhausted during the day, get moody often, or seem to have behavioral issues at home and/or school? There are many different, wide-ranging consequences of conditions that affect your child’s sleep. For example, if your child has trouble breathing while they sleep, it may be due to an issue resulting from an abnormality in their oral and/or facial structures. At our Livonia, MI, dental office, we offer customized orthotropic treatment to address such issues and help your child recover from those consequences. (more…)

Your Headaches: 3 Helpful Smile Care Reminders

If you’re experiencing headaches and they’re not just something that shows up very occasionally, then it’s worth investigating. This type of discomfort is a sign that something is off, whether it’s allergy-related, stress-related, associated with your oral health, or otherwise! What’s that, you say? You didn’t realize that your smile could play a role in the way your head feels and chronic discomfort? As a matter of fact, it can! For some enlightening information that may help you fix not only an underlying smile concern but also those very achy moments that can soon become just a memory, come in for a visit at our Livonia, MI practice!


What Can My Child Expect from Orthotropic Treatment?

Not every child experiences issues with their oral and facial development, but for those that do, orthotropic treatment is often the most effective and comprehensive way to address it. Orthotropics is the study and treatment of conditions that affect the proper growth and development of these structures, and treatment involves the use of various aligners and appliances designed specifically for your child. At our Livonia, MI, dental office, we can help your child avoid the potential consequences of improper oral and facial growth, and we’ll take time to help you and your child understand what to expect from orthotropic treatment. (more…)

TMJ Disorder: What If I Have Bruxism, Too?

So, you know that you have TMJ disorder. You know that it’s very important to treat this functional disorder because if you don’t, the long-term strain of your jaw joints may lead to damage. However, you have also recently learned that you’re also suffering from something called bruxism disorder, which you’ve discovered is grinding and clenching you cannot control. What are you supposed to do at this point, you ask our Livonia, MI team? The lovely news is that we can offer you all of the answers you need to keep your oral health safe!


The Important Concepts Behind Orthotropics

The goal of early children’s dental care is to help your child learn the foundations of good oral hygiene and the importance of regular dental care. That importance includes promoting and ensuring the healthy, proper development of your child’s oral health features and the facial structures that are interconnected with them. At our Livonia, MI, dental office, the children’s oral health services we offer include advanced orthotropics. The system of custom-designed aligners and appliances can help align the growth and development of your child’s oral and facial structures together, improving several different aspects of their oral and overall health. (more…)

Fine Facts About Fillings: Get Excited!

You might not come up with the term “excited” when we ask you how you feel about receiving a dental filling for your smile. However, our Livonia, MI team strongly feels that this is primarily because you don’t know as much as you could about this restorative treatment that can save your tooth in many ways when decay strikes! So, to help you feel happy about addressing a cavity, rather than upset (or any other negative emotion), we encourage you to get to know some truly compelling facts about fillings!


Could Orthotropics Lower Your Child’s Risks of Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive sleep apnea is a sleep breathing disorder that some people don’t realize they have. Yet, whether they realize it or not, it can have a seriously negative impact on their overall health and quality of life. In some cases, the underlying causes that lead to sleep apnea can be detected in early childhood, such as a misalignment in certain oral and/or facial structures. At our Livonia, MI, dentist’s office, we offer customized orthotropics to improve oral and facial alignment and reduce your child’s risks of develop sleep apnea, now or later in life. (more…)

Who Is The Ideal Cosmetic Dentistry Patient?

You may think that we’re going to rattle off a list of characteristics when it comes to the type of dental patient we think of as “the best” as cosmetic dentistry comes up. However, the answer you can expect from our Livonia, MI team in terms of who is our ideal person? It will always be the same: There isn’t one! Instead, there are so many different factors that go into making someone a possible candidate for smile esthetic improvements that it’s always better to come in to talk with us face to face, so we can offer you information that applies to you! With that said, consider some of those factors we mentioned!