A Positive Start To Their Oral Health

a positive start livonia miYour little one’s dental habits start at an early age, and you have the power to help them to begin their oral health journey with a positive start. Just like you do, your child needs to see the dentist periodically, and for many families, these visits can line up with their parents’. The general recommendation for both you and your child is a checkup every six months, but make sure to talk to your dentist about your particular treatment plan.

With consistent semiannual dental checkups for you and your child, your Livonia, MI dentist is here to help you instill the right dental values. Dental habits start at a very early age, so it is never too early to begin caring for their smiles. Even before you notice their first tooth, you can help them by gently wiping their gums with a clean, damp cloth. Once they start teething, talk to your team of oral health professionals about the right way to introduce them to brushing. We are here for their oral health success!

When To Bring Your Child For Their First Visit

For many parents, it can be difficult to know how to begin caring for their child’s dental needs. After all, if yours don’t yet have any teeth, it can feel like there is still time before you need to make any changes. When they start teething, or if they reach their first birthday, talk to your dentist about your little one’s treatment plan.

With a new child, it can be a struggle to find the time to handle something new! But it is important to remember that your child develops their oral health habits early, and ignoring them now can lead to problems down the line. For newborns and young infants, you can wipe their gums with a dampened cloth, helping to remove bacteria.

A Positive Start Can Help Them To Love Dentistry

Once they have started seeing the dentist, it is important to keep them to their schedule of appointments. Just like you, your child needs semiannual dental checkups at least twice each year. Giving them a positive start includes staying close to the dentist, so be sure to stick to their schedule.

Have some fun with their exams, too! This is a time to celebrate oral health, so enjoy these times. They will take that excitement home with them, which can help them to love their brushing and flossing.

Find Out More With Dr. Stewart, DDS!

If it is time for your child to learn about oral health, give them a positive start to their dentistry. To find our more or to schedule their next appointment, give us a call at our office in Livonia, MI at (734)425-4400.