Root Canal Therapy Helps Protect Infected Teeth

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When a tooth is infected, this could mean serious discomfort and even the risk of losing the tooth completely. Which is why we offer endodontic treatment to address interior concerns like dental infection, protecting smile stability. In today’s blog, your Livonia, MI, dentist talks about how we save teeth with root canal therapy.

The Factors Behind an Infected Tooth

An infection means that harmful oral bacteria have made contact with the nerve center of the tooth, the collection of tissues we refer to as the pulp. This could happen due to an untreated cavity, or an injury to the tooth. When an infection develops, you could experience tooth sensitivity and toothaches, pain when you eat and bite down, swelling, head and facial pain, earaches, and even a discharge from the tooth itself. Don’t ignore these warning signs, let us know right away so we can offer treatment to save your tooth.

Ensuring Treatment is Comfortable

Since a root canal procedure is a more involved treatment, we will take steps to ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. For example, our team will administer a local anesthetic to the area being treated to keep you comfortable. If you have anxiety that makes undergoing a procedure difficult, we can also discuss sedation to help you enter a calm and relaxed state. Most people find the procedure comparable to receiving a simple dental filling, and this helps you avoid worsening pain and the risk of losing the tooth completely!

Root Canal Therapy

Once we numb your tooth, we open it to access and remove the tissue from within. We then clean the interior of your tooth and root canals. Our team next adds a unique filling material to the interior of the tooth. In many cases we also cap the tooth with a crown, one custom-made to ensure not only good protection for your tooth, but a lifelike appearance and a properly balanced bite as well. The procedure can be done in one visit so you leave with a healthy and comfortable smile. We can also discuss good oral hygiene habits and visits for checkups and cleanings to keep your smile healthy and free of infection.

If you have any questions about how our team will diagnose and treat an infected tooth with a root canal, then contact our team today. We want to help you close out 2023 with a strong and healthy smile. In fact, now is a great time to visit so you can use the last of your 2023 dental insurance benefits before they expire at the end of the year!


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