Will An Oral Appliance Stop Sleep Troubles?

When we think of sleep disorders, we often assume only adults are impacted. While sleep apnea does occur in adulthood, children also develop sleep disorders, often tied to breathing obstruction. In order to treat these issues and prevent serious complications as they grow older, we may suggest orthotropic treatment. When should parents in Livonia, MI, see the dentist about their little one’s sleep troubles?

Sleep Disorders in Childhood

As children grow and develop, problems could occur with their oral tissues and jaw. These issues could cause trouble breathing freely at night, preventing them from obtaining the rest needed to remain alert and function during the waking hours. These issues also impact facial structure and dental alignment. However, we can treat the issue in children as young as age three, offering solutions that improve breathing at night, offer better rest, and correct their facial structure.

Trouble at School and More

When children don’t sleep, they may have trouble focusing tasks at work or school. They could also be prone to outbursts and tantrums, missing emotional milestones and even being diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD. Parents may also notice their children fight going to bed, having trouble staying asleep, or are often restless in their sleep. Talking or walking in sleep could occur, as well as nightmares and night terrors. You may hear them snore or struggle to breathe as they rest. Staying awake in the day may be difficult as well. If your little one has exhibited many of these issues, then consider taking our Child Sleep Health Questionnaire on our website. Then contact our team to discuss a diagnosis.

Orthotropic Treatment

What happens if we find your child has trouble breathing at night due to obstruction? Instead of oral surgery or other invasive options, we typically offer a comfortable and non-invasive solution using an oral appliance. An orthotropic device will look similar to nightguard and be worn by the child at night. The appliance actually repositions the jaw and guides the growth of the jaw and oral structures. Airways remain open and unencumbered at night, allowing them to breathe easily. As they sleep better, their struggles during the day will lessen. They will also enjoy a reduced risk of dental misalignment and sleep apnea later in life. If you have any questions about orthotropics, then contact our team today.

Do You Have Questions About Sleep Disorders?

If your child struggles to sleep, then we can help with orthotropic treatment. To learn more, please contact our team today. James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Garden City, Westland, and Redford, MI and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.