How Does Poor Sleep Impact Children?

When we lose sleep, it never feels good. We go through the day in a fog and have trouble staying focused at work. The same goes for children. For children losing sleep due to a disorder, exhaustion and sleep deprivation can lead to serious trouble at school and home. In order to help children in Livonia, MI, then we may suggest orthotropic treatment options.

Daily Life with Difficulty Sleeping

When children don’t obtain the sleep they need, they may have trouble staying focused at school and could fall behind, missing educational and emotional milestones. They may come into conflict more frequently and suffer from tantrums. Often, kids with poor behavior due to lack of proper rest may be misdiagnosed as having ADD or ADHD.

The issue is often tied to how they breathe at night. When issues with oral structures and the jaw’s development block airflow, which makes breathing difficult at night. Little ones don’t reach the deep, uninterrupted stage of rest needed to stay alert during the day. Common symptoms may include restless sleep, frequently waking in the night, having trouble falling asleep or waking up, frequent need for naps and trouble staying awake. They may also walk, talk, or cry out during sleep. You could notice snoring, shallow breathing, or choking and gasping for air as well.

Possible Solutions

If one or more of the symptoms above sound familiar, then first take our Child Sleep Health Questionnaire, which helps us diagnose your child’s difficulties. We will then carefully examine your little one to identify the factors behind his or her poor sleep. In most cases, we prescribe an orthotropic device. The custom-made oral appliance looks and fits like a mouthguard, and is worn as the child sleeps. The device then repositions the jaw and oral structures to ensure open airways and deeper sleep. Over time, the appliance also guides the growth of oral tissue and the jaw, which helps improve sleep.

Avoiding Issues Down the Road

Seeking treatment for children as young as age three may help them avoid more serious problems down the road. Addressing breathing obstruction and poor rest has been linked to a reduced risk of sleep apnea in the teen and adult years. Kids may also be less likely to develop dental misalignment and may enjoy better facial structure. If you have any questions about the benefits of orthotropic treatment, or if you feel your child needs to undergo treatment, then contact our team today.


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