Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked by Your Livonia Dentist

Teeth Whitening SmileEveryone wants whiter teeth because it gives your face a healthy glow, yet, not everyone knows all the truths about teeth whitening. Before you commit to any whitening regimen, you need to know some of the most common misconceptions about whitening your smile. With a few helpful tips from your Livonia dentist, Dr. James Stewart, you can make an informed decision about teeth whitening before you begin.

Fact vs. Fiction: The Real Whitening Scoop

Teeth Whitening Myth # 1Whitening is painful.

Overall, teeth whitening is relatively safe, and it doesn’t hurt. It might, however, increase your sensitivity, irritate your gums, and cause minor erosion to your enamel. To reduce the chances of this occurring, make sure to use a whitening treatment formulated for sensitive teeth. Most professional teeth whitening treatments include ingredients meant to reduce sensitivity.

Teeth Whitening Myth # 2You can only whiten at the dentist.

A quick trip to any grocery store can quickly disprove this one. However, even the ADA warns that whitening your teeth at home carries a few risks, including masking discolorations that could indicate a serious oral health problem. The safest bet is going with professional, dentist-administered whitening. Your Livonia dentist can whiten your teeth, in-office, in about an hour. However, if you would prefer to whiten at home, on your own time, Dr. Stewart offers take-home bleaching kits. With systems such as DayWhite and NightWhite, you can brighten your smile without leaving your house.

Teeth Whitening Myth # 3Your teeth will stay white forever.

Results can last up to 18 months, post-bleaching. Though, coffee, wine, sodas, and darker colored foods will re-stain your teeth over time. If you want to keep your teeth brilliant, avoid staining foods, brush and floss regularly, and talk to Dr. Stewart about solutions for extending your whitening results.

Teeth Whitening Myth # 4Whitening is whitening is whitening.

Not all whitening products were created equal. Bleaching options come in a variety of kits, trays, toothpastes, strips, and mouthwashes. The potency is different for each of them, and each have their own advantages and drawbacks. Be sure to research, read labels, and talk to your dentist before making the decision to whiten your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Myth #5Whitening means a blinding white smile.

Just because you whiten doesn’t mean you’ll have blinding, white teeth. Your tooth enamel has a natural yellow, brown, or gray tint, which means your teeth won’t reach a pure white color, even after whitening. In fact, and overly white smile can look fake and unnatural and actually detract from the beauty of your smile. The best whitening treatments seek to achieve a brighter but still natural-looking shade of white.

One-Visit Whitening from Your Livonia Dentist

If you’re planning on whitening your smile, make sure you know all the details. Dr. Stewart aims for quality service and healthy smiles. To schedule an appointment, call our office at (734) 425-4400. You can also visit our website to view a full listing of our services, testimonials, and print patient forms. We look forward to treating patients from Farmington Hills, Plymouth, Northville, Dearborn Heights, Garden City, and surrounding areas.