Month: April 2015

Restorative Dentistry for Partial Tooth Loss

Are you dealing with partial tooth loss and you are not sure where to begin to improve your smile? This problem may occur in the wake of a wide variety of events. No matter the cause, missing teeth can lead to daily frustration and distress. Simply attempting to eat foods you used to enjoy may… Read more »

Are You A Candidate for A Dental Bridge?

If you have been searching high and low for a solution to address your missing tooth or teeth, a dental bridge may complete your smile. However, you may have noticed that not every dental prosthetic is appropriate for every set of tooth loss circumstances. While bridges offer a wide array of wonderful benefits to help… Read more »

How Much Do You Know About Dental Fillings?: A Quiz

You may have a lot of ideas about whether you need a dental filling to treat your tooth decay. Unfortunately, we often find that patients have come across a significant amount of false or confusing information within their lifetimes, which causes them to hesitate when it comes to receiving restorative care. Fillings offer patients a… Read more »

Kids Night Out!

Are you beginning to feel like every single night is kids night but the thought of leaving your children with a babysitter causes you pangs of guilt? Don’t worry – you and your children can have a fun night out at the same time (but you can go ahead and schedule something more adult appropriate… Read more »

Choosing Tooth Contouring: Fast Facts

How much do you know about how to improve problems with your teeth that detract from your smile? You likely know that choosing a cosmetic treatment will help. But what about softening pointed teeth, smoothing out oddly shaped tooth borders, or improving texture issues? When it comes to carefully removing a small amount of tooth… Read more »

Sculpt Your Smile with Dental Bonding

Are you dealing with a minor esthetic concern with your smile that is simply too great to ignore but that does not require complex treatment like veneers? If your tooth has suffered minor cosmetic damage or if you are looking to improve an area that would look more pleasing with additional tissue, we invite you… Read more »

Livonia Easter Egg Hunt

There are few things more adorable than watching pastel-clothed children scamper across a field to uncover hidden Easter eggs. Now that the holiday has finally arrives, you are invited to attend your local community Easter egg hunt where the whole family can enjoy a festive, fun-filled morning.

Dental Implants Refresher Course

Patients seeking tooth replacement solutions often find themselves overjoyed when they learn about the benefits of dental implants. You may recognize that implants offer exceptional stability, particularly when they come up against other prosthetics like dental bridges or dentures. However, do you know what makes implants so stable? Do you know what to expect if… Read more »