Sensitivity In The Cold? You’re Not Alone

Pain Livonia MIMany patients report that they see a wave of dental discomfort when the weather begins to finally turn cold. Here in Michigan, we certainly know how it can seem to hit you right down to your bones. If you are beginning to notice some sensitivity in your smile when you breathe in cold air, it might be the sign of something more sinister.

There are many different ways that your teeth become more sensitive over time. The most common instance of this is through the weakening of your enamel, or the hard exterior surface. This matter gives your tooth its functionality and also its protection. In healthy mouths, this creates a barrier between the outside world and the vulnerable structures that are working beneath. Today, your Livonia, Mi dentist outlines some of the more common causes of dental sensitivity and what we may be able to do to help!

Prevention And Protection

Your enamel is an amazing part of our body. It not only gives us our trademark smile, but this biological material is incredibly strong, as well. This gives us our dental function in chewing and speaking. Alongside this, it protects the vulnerable inner workings underneath this layer. When this material is worn or damaged by a crack or a break, you lose the protective nature.

Some whitening procedures can weaken this matter, as well. We always suggest that any cosmetic procedure should only be undertaken with the assistance of a trained oral health professional. While there are many fantastic over-the-counter options in order to improve your smile, aggressive use can cause you harm in other ways. It is generally best to ensure that no damage is occurring on account of these actions.

Finding The Root Of Your Pain

The most important thing you can do with any dental discomfort is to identify the cause as soon as you can. Since different problems can lead to this sensation, finding the slight differences can help you and your dentist immensely.

If you grind your teeth at night, this action (also known as bruxism) might lead to erosion of the enamel on the tops of your incisors and your molars. When that becomes severe, it can expose your pulp, leading to pain. Speak with your trained oral professional about the possibility of a custom mouthguard. If restorative procedures such as a root canal or porcelain veneers may help, don’t let your grinding concerns bring back the pain in the future!

Be sure to check your gums, as well. Periodontal disease is a leading cause in tooth loss and pain from infection. If you notice recession, blood, or redness, make an appointment as soon as possible.


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