Unique Dental Care We Offer For Children

livonia childrens dentistry

We don’t just offer care for grown-ups. In fact, we have unique preventive and restorative treatments to help protect kids of all ages from cavities and other oral health issues. In today’s blog, your Livonia, MI, dentist will look at our treatment options, and discuss the importance of starting dental treatment at a young age!

Happy Visit

A child’s first visit is known as a happy visit, and usually occurs around age one after the first baby tooth erupts. This will be a knee-to-lap exam, and will not involve treatment, we just want to make sure your little one is comfortable, enjoys his or her visit, and that teeth are erupting properly. Afterward, we will suggest routine six months checkup and cleaning visit so we can keep a close eye on their smiles as they grow, treating issues as they arrive and ensuring optimal oral health!

Checkups and Cleanings

A checkup means we use digital technology to take a close look at your child’s oral health. We want to identify cavities early, addressing them before your little develops toothaches or risks infection. Our team also watches to make sure baby teeth are falling out as they should, and that permanent teeth are erupting properly. We also watch for issues like gingivitis too. A cleaning means we remove all harmful plaque and tartar buildup from the smile. Doing so is a great way to protect them from cavities, and also ensure fresh breath and bright smiles too!

Dental Sealants and Fluoride

Our team also offers unique treatments to help prevent the onset of tooth decay. For example, fluoride treatments are administered every six months, and involve coating the teeth in a special varnish to prevent cavities from forming, as fluoride helps strengthen the outer layer of enamel. Since kids have trouble reaching the rear teeth when they brush and floss, this could make the risk of cavities higher. Fortunately, dental sealants allow us to coat these teeth in a special plastic layer to keep food particles from becoming trapped. The layer would stay in place for between 5 and 10 years, and will wear away with time.

Athletic Mouthguards

To safeguard little smiles from injury when they place sports or other athletic activities, we may suggest a mouthguard. Our athletic mouthguards are custom-made for a comfortable fit and a greater level of protection. They then limit the chances of teeth becoming chipped, cracked, or knocked-out! If you have any questions, then give us a call today.


We know that routine care is necessary to help kids enjoy optimal oral health and beautiful smiles. For more information on our approach to children’s dentistry, then call the office of James Stewart, DDS in Livonia, MI, today at (734) 425-4400.