Improving Your Child’s Nighttime Breathing With Orthotropics

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When your child develops issues with the growth of the jaw and oral structure, this could mean obstructed breathing. With poor nighttime breathing, comes issues with behavior and short attention spans. To help correct these concerns, your Livonia, MI, dentist offers treatment with orthotropic appliances.

The Causes of Breathing Obstruction

As your children grow, issues with the development of the jaw and oral structures could impact how the teeth erupt, leading to issues like misalignment, but also obstructed airways. Your little one could have trouble breathing easily at night. This causes interruptions with your child’s sleep, and in turn, cause issues with behavior during the day and prevents them from reaching their educational and emotional milestones!

Possible Warning Signs

How do you know if your little one is having trouble sleeping or breathing at night? Watch out for shallow or mouth breathing. He or she could wake in the night several times, have trouble going to sleep, and then have difficult waking up each day. Other warning signs include moving and kicking in their sleep, sleep walking, or night terrors and taking in their sleep.

During the day your little one could be prone to tantrums, even beyond the age they should have stopped. Difficulty focusing in class and following directions is common. Falling asleep in class, after school naps. In fact, many kids with these issues could be misdiagnosed with having ADHD due to issues learning. Other symptoms include bed wetting, teeth grinding, and headaches in the morning. If one or more of these symptoms describes your child’s experience, then please let us now right away!

Creating an Oral Appliance

If your child experiences one or more of the warning signs we’ve discussed, our team will use advanced digital technolgoy to perform a thorough examine of their mouth and oral structures, which enables us to assess breathing issues. Next, we will design and custom-fit an orthotropic oral appliance based on the digital images we gathered. The device will fit comfortably and be worn as your little one sleeps, guiding the growth of the smile and correcting the position of structures and tissues. Children then rests without interruption, enjoy better rest, and in the long-term, enjoy improved facial esthetics and a lowered risk of misalignment and sleep apnea. If you have any questions about our approach to orthotropic treatment, then please contact our team today to learn more.


Our team wants to help your child enjoy a better quality of life with obstruction-free breathing. For more information on our approach to treating little smiles, then call the office of James Stewart, DDS in Livonia, MI, today at (734) 425-4400.