What Is Orthotropics, and Is It Right for Your Child?

The development of your child’s oral and facial structures is intricately connected, and the relationship between them can influence your child’s quality of life in several important ways. Orthotropics is the diagnosis and treatment of concerns regarding this development, often through the use of custom-designed appliances designed specifically for each child. At our Livonia, MI, dental office, we can design an appropriate orthotropic treatment plan to help improve your child’s oral and facial development, which can help alleviate symptoms or avoid complications related to their malformation.

The focus of orthotropic treatment

When it comes to dental alignment, most people think only of their teeth. Tooth misalignment is a well-known concern, and is the reason why patients young and old may undergo orthodontic treatment. However, there’s more to your oral health and bite function than just teeth. The proper growth and development of your child’s jawbone, nasal passage, and other facial structures can also have a significant impact on their bite’s function, as well as a host of other concerns. The main goal of orthotropics is to promote the proper development of these structures to improve your child’s oral health, breathing patterns, bite function, sleep quality, and much more.

What orthotropics does for your child

There are many different conditions that can arise when your child’s oral and facial structures aren’t properly aligned and in proportion with each other. For example, one of the most common consequences is a discrepancy in your child’s bite, which may sometimes be mistaken for a simpler case of tooth misalignment. However, other concerns can include trouble breathing properly, especially while your child sleeps, due to abnormal airway and/or nasal passages. This can result in poor quality sleep that contributes to behavioral issues, increased risks of other health concerns, and more.

Choosing orthotropics for your child

Because the need for orthotropic treatment isn’t always obvious, we always begin with a comprehensive examination of your child’s oral and facial structures to diagnose any issues that may be present. In addition to the long-term consequences of poor oral and facial alignment, your child may also exhibit one or more immediate concerns, such as constant teeth-grinding (bruxism), chronic snoring, and in severe cases, an asymmetrical facial appearance.

Learn more about orthotropic treatment

The need for orthotropic treatment isn’t always obvious at first, but the personalized appliances can help your child overcome a wide range of serious concerns. For more information, or to schedule a consultation for your child, call the office of James Stewart, DDS in Livonia, MI, today at (734) 425-4400.