What Does Orthotropics Treat?

There are a number of issues that children can exhibit that may not be obviously connected to their oral and facial growth. Yet, after orthotropics treatment, many children sleep easier, find lasting relief from headaches, have fewer behavioral issues, and more. The connection is that orthotropic treatment corrects several issues that can often lead to sleep breathing disorders, bite complications, and more, which can often affect a child’s mood, behavior, and quality of sleep.

Facial Development and Bite Function

The point of orthotropics treatment is to make adequate space in your child’s jaws, facial structures, and dental ridges for all of their teeth to grow in properly using specialized, custom-designed appliances. For your child’s smile, this helps improves not only the development and alignment of their teeth, but also the facial structures and jawbone supporting them. As a result, your child’s bite will function better overall and have reduced risks of issues such as bruxism and TMJ disorder.

Oral Structures and Sleep Disorders

In addition to dental health, oral and facial structures also influence a number of other factors, including respiratory and sleep quality. For instance, improper growth of these structures can lead disorders like sleep apnea, which involve mouth and throat tissues clogging the airway and preventing breath from passing through. Orthotropics can help correct the issues that can lead or contribute to such disorders, helping your child sleep and breathe easier without needing a sleep appliance.

Find Out More About Orthotropic Treatment

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